Saturday, November 26, 2016

Finding Father Christmas and Engaging Father Christmas

Welcome! I have some very shocking news!!!  I did not finish my book last night (I know it is hard to believe).  I started watching Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life and only stopped when the dogs insisted upon being let outside.  It was just wonderful.  I have not laughed so hard in a very long time. Kirk at Friday night dinner (as well as his awful car and the pig the town bought him) and the Stars Hollow play written by Taylor Dosse (acted out by Sutton Foster and Christian Borle) were hilarious! I think this was the very first time I just sat and watched a program (without reading or knitting). With Advent beginning tomorrow, I thought I would share a Christmas story with you today.

Finding Father Christmas and Engaging Father Christmas are two Christmas novellas by Robin Jones Gunn.  In Finding Father Christmas Miranda Carson is on a journey for answers.  Miranda grew up traveling with her actress mother, Eve Carson.  Miranda’s mother passed away without ever telling her the identity to her father.  Miranda’s best clue is a photograph of a boy with Father Christmas taken at Carlton Photography Studio on Bexley Lane in Carlton Heath.  Miranda heads to England and hopes that she will find the identity of her father.  Miranda is warmly embraced by the townspeople.  With a little help, Miranda soon finds the identity of her father.   But will Miranda be able to tell them? 

In Engaging Father Christmas, Miranda is heading back to Carlton Heath for Christmas.  Miranda is looking forward to spending time with Ian (Miranda met him at the end of Finding Father Christmas) and the Whitcombe family.  Miranda enjoyed her time with them the previous year.  It was wonderful having a real family Christmas.  Returning to Carlton Heath feels like coming home.  If things turn out right with Ian, it could be home.  But the road to happiness is full of bumps, curves, and icy patches.  Will Miranda get her happily ever after?

Finding Father Christmas and Engaging Father Christmas are lovely, heartwarming stories.  The books are about acceptance, embracing love, forgiveness, and finding/accepting God in your life.  Both stories are nicely written, easy to read, have a good pace, a beautiful setting (I want to live in Carlton Heath), and likeable (as well as relatable) characters. These two novellas will put you in the Christmas spirit.  I give Finding Father Christmas and Engaging Father Christmas 4 out of 5 stars.  The only negative comment I have is that they are a little predictable.  These Christmas stories are a nice change of pace and romance lovers will enjoy these charming novellas.  These two books can be purchased separately or in this combined omnibus edition. The next book in the series is Kissing Father Christmas.  Finding Father Christmas is now a movie on Hallmark Movie and Mysteries Channel.

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