Tuesday, February 7, 2017

An Amish Home

An Amish Home contains four novellas written by Amy Clipston, Beth Wiseman, Ruth Reid, and Kathleen Fuller.  The first book is A Cup Half Full is by Beth Wiseman.  Sarah and Abram Lantz had only been married one week when they are in an accident.  Their buggy is hit by a car.  Abram only suffered minor injuries, but Sarah came away with severe damage to her leg muscles.  Sarah will be in a wheelchair for the rest of her life.  Sarah is angry and resentful (the full gamut of emotions).  All of Sarah’s dreams have been dashed.  Abram has spent the time since the accident retrofitting their home for Sarah which was a costly endeavor (he went into debt).  Abram still dreams of a house full of children, but Sarah feels that this dream died with the accident.  What does the future hold for Sarah and Abram? 

Home Sweet Home by Amy Clipston is the story of Mia and Chace O’Conner.  They have had a difficult time since the birth of their daughter, Kaitlyn.  The medical bills were overwhelming, and they got behind on their bills including their rent.  When they are evicted from their apartment, Chace’s boss, Isaac Allgyer, offers them the cabin (daadihaus) on their property.  The Allgyer family is Amish.  Mia is not prepared to live with no electricity or modern conveniences (Chace failed to mention this beforehand to Mia).  Isaac and his wife, Vera along with their children go out of their way to welcome the O’Conner family and make them feel at home.  The relationship between Mia and Chase is strained.  When their five-month-old daughter, Kaitlyn becomes ill, the situation quickly deteriorates.  Is there hope for Mia and Chace?

The third story is written by Kathleen Fuller and it is titled Building Faith.  Faith Miller loves woodworking.  Her grandfather taught her while he was still alive and now Faith finds sanctuary in his (now her) workshop.  Faith would like people to take her woodworking seriously.  She feels that her final products would fetch a good price if her father would allow her to sell them.  Then Faith is asked to build the kitchen cabinets in her cousin, Martha’s new home.  This will be a chance to prove to everyone that she is capable and qualified.  Unfortunately, Marvin, Martha’s fianc√©, has asked Silas Graber to build the cabinets for their new home.  Silas needs the money from this job to help his family’s carpentry business.  Silas has been running the business for his father since his mother took ill (which he is keeping quiet).  Marvin and Martha decide that Silas and Faith need to work on the project together (or they will give hire a different carpenter).  It will be a difficult task since Silas and Faith used to court.  Faith broke up with Silas just after her grandfather passed away.  Will they be able to build and install the cabinets for Marvin and Martha before their wedding?  Can these two find a way to work together?

The final story is A Flicker of Hope by Ruth Reid.  Thomas and Noreen King have been married for fifteen years.  The relationship between the two has been off-balance for many years.  One afternoon Noreen comes up from the cellar to find a fire in her kitchen.  She tries to put it out and ends up making matters worse (Noreen is clumsy).  Noreen collapses before she can exit the house.  She is rescued by Thomas.  After depositing Noreen outside, Thomas goes back into the house (much to Noreen’s dismay).  He exits with an old tin that contains letters from Noreen (you know there must be more to it).  Before the fire department can arrive, their home is completing engulfed in flames.  Over the next few days as Thomas clears away the rubble, we find out what caused the rift between Noreen and Thomas.  Is it possible for them to rebuild their relationship?

I enjoyed reading the four stories in An Amish Home.  The stories are all well-written, have lovely characters, and are easy to read.  All four stories (which can be purchased individually) have good life lessons contained within them (the importance of faith and prayer).  Home Sweet Home will help restore your faith in love, God and mankind.  I give An Amish Home 5 out of 5 stars.  They are uplifting and heartwarming stories.  These books will make you laugh, cry, smile and sigh.  I believe reading An Amish Home is a great way to spend an afternoon (especially if it is raining or snowing).  I know I will never be disappointed when I pick up a book that is written by Amy Clipston (or Beth Wiseman, Ruth Reid, or Kathleen Fuller).  These four authors crafted beautiful stories that tie together into one satisfying book.  Each story is unique and reflects the authors writing style (voice).  I look forward to reading An Amish Summer when it comes out in June.

I hope  you have an enjoyable night.  I am off to relax, read and watch my shows (Switched at Birth, The Foster's, Bones, Bull, The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow, Agents of Shield).  I have to get up early tomorrow for a doctor's appointment (four hours before I normally get up).  I will review another new book tomorrow.  Take care and Happy Reading!

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