Monday, February 13, 2017

Bookman Dead Style

How was your Monday?  I went out to run some errands and was shocked at the crowds.  I then remembered the date.  It seems that many people wait until the day before Valentine's Day to purchase their gifts (procrastinators).  By the way people people were grabbing flowers, chocolates, and balloons, you would think they were being given away. Do you give traditional gifts or think outside the box?

Bookman Dead Style by Paige Shelton is the second book in A Dangerous Type Mystery series.  Clare Henry works with her with her grandfather, Chester to run The Rescued Word in Star City, Utah.  It is their busiest time of year with The Star City Film Festival taking place.  The town is overrun with tourists and movie people.  Marion, Clare’s niece, helps out in the store when she is not out snowboarding on the slopes.  She is particularly excited when movie star, Matt Bane comes into the store.  He has come to order personalized note cards so he can write some thank you notes.  He turns out to be a very nice man.  A little while later, Clare’s police officer friend, Jodie is visiting when she gets a call out to The Fountain.  Clare hears Matt’s name mentioned and takes off after Jodie.  Clare arrives to find Matt being escorted out in handcuffs.  He is accused of murdering his sister, Cassie Bane.  Clare is certain the kind actor did not commit the crime and feels compelled to help him (especially since no one else seems to be assisting him). This is not the only mystery on Clare’s hands.  Seth Cassidy brings Clare some gorgeous typewriter ribbon tins.  When Clare opens one of them, she finds $10,000 bills!  Clare wishes to return them to the original owner.  But she is suspect when a man claiming to be owner’s brother arrives at the store.  Clare is in for a busy week.  Will she be able to find out who murdered Cassie Bane and get the money back to its original owner? 

I thought Bookman Dead Style was well written (Paige Shelton is a great descriptive writer) and easy to read (great flow).  I liked the characters the author created for A Dangerous Type Mystery series.  I was especially fond of Chester Henry, and I liked the addition of the new German apprentice.  I loved the sound of The Rescued Word (I wish it was real and nearby).   I appreciated the wonderful descriptions of the old books, vintage typewriters, the printing press, and the typewriter tins (my type of store).  I now want to collect typewriter ribbon tins!   I give Bookman Dead Style 5 out of 5 stars.  The mystery was complex and is not easily solved before the author provides the big clues (and then unmasks the culprit).  A reader must pay very close attention to figure out the solution (I just loved it).   I believe avid cozy mystery readers will be able to discern the killer (there is a small suspect pool). Bookman Dead Style could have done with a little less romance (just my personal opinion).  While Bookman Dead Style is the second book in A Dangerous Type Mystery series, a reader can enjoy it as a stand-alone.  The author provides us with all the necessary information to read (and enjoy) Bookman Dead Style.  I look forward to reading Comic Sans Murder when it is released.  The first book the series is To Helvetica and Back.

Thank you for your visit.  I am off to relax for the evening and get some dinner.  I will return tomorrow to review An Uncommon Protector by Shelley Shepard Gray.   I am currently reading Annie's Recipe by Lisa Jones Baker.  May you have a very special night. Take care and Happy Reading!

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