Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Ava's Place

It is the first day of February!  Raging Storm by Vannetta Chapman came out today.  It is the second book in The Remnant series.  It is a wonderful book.  Other novels that came out today are Jessie's Promise by Rosie Clarke (good story) and The Seekers:  The Amish Cooking Class by Wanda E. Brunstetter (just lovely and heartwarming).  

Ava’s Place by Emily Beck Cogburn is a modern-day romance story.  Ava Olson is thirty-five years old and the mother of three children (James, Luke and Sadie).  Ava is raising the children on her own since her divorce.  Her ex-husband, Jared moved away to Chicago to take a post a newspaper.  Ava works part-time at the Saint Jude Gazette in the entertainment section (not the type of writing she wishes to do).  Ava has not dated since her divorce three years ago, but then she encounters Ford Dupree.  Ford is a single-dad whose daughter, Nelly goes to the same pre-school as Sadie, Ava’s three-year-old daughter.  Ford is also divorced.  His ex-wife, Marion (a control freak and workaholic) is an ER doctor in New Orleans (about 80 miles away).  Ford co-owns Rosie’s Café with his brother, Bobby Joe.  They serve your typical diner fare.  Ford, though, is not happy with the type of food they serve (brother overrules him).  Slowly, Ava and Ford spend time together and start a relationship.  But then their bubble of happiness is broken when Ava is offered a job in New Orleans.  Ava wants to continue her relationship with Ford.  Unfortunately, the situation is too reminiscent of what happened with his ex-wife for him.  Ava relocates to New Orleans with her kids and begins a new job without Ford.  But things are still the same at work for Ava.  Ava feels she is not taken seriously as a journalist.  Ava gets lucky when she stumbles upon a story that could be front page news.  It also brings her back in contact with Ford who has a chance of creating the type of cuisine he desires.  Is there a possibility of a second chance for this pair? 

Ava’s Place is nicely written, has a good place, and a lovely setting (Louisiana).  I liked Ford much more than I did Ava.  Ava complained about her job, ex-husband, and her children.  A person can only take so much of it in a book (reading is supposed to be an escape from reality).  I found it disheartening.  I give Ava’s Place 3 out of 5 stars.  I found the story to be utterly predictable.  The pair are instantly attracted to each, fall for each other, argument, break up, and then the inevitable conclusion.  We also have Ava and Ford giving each other looks, distracted by thoughts of each other, thinking about intimate situations, etc.  I did like the addition of Ava’s big story.  It was the best part of the book (I wish the author had not given it such a small part).  I think younger women will find Ava’s Place more enjoyable.  Ava’s Place is a sweet book, but it is just not the right type for me.  Emily Beck Cogburn has also written Louisiana Saves the Library.

Thank you for checking in and reading my latest review. I am currently reading Always by Sarah Jio (I just love her books).  I am off to eat dinner and finish laundry (it is a never ending chore). May all of you have a comforting night.  I will return tomorrow with another book evaluation.  Take care and Happy Reading!

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