Sunday, July 29, 2018

Forests, Fishing and Forgery: A Camper & Criminals Cozy Mystery

Hello!  Premeditated Peppermint by Amanda Flower comes out on September 25.  It is the third book in An Amish Candy Shop Mystery seriesA Deadly Brew by Lynn Cahoon comes out on September 4 along with Die Me A River by Denise Swanson.  

Forests, Fishing and Forgery by Tonya Kappes is the third installment in A Camper & Criminals Cozy Mystery series.  Mae West owns the Happy Trails Campground in Normal, Kentucky.  With it being Labor Day weekend, the campground is full plus they are hosting their monthly party.  Mae gets the honor of checking in a rowdy bachelor party group who will be staying for the weekend.  Willian Hinson and his groomsmen have been overindulging in alcoholic beverages.  William ends up in an argument with Ranger Corbin Ashbrook and a warning from Mae to settle down or they will be tossed out.  The next morning, William is missing, but they are hopeful that he just passed out in the forest and will soon return to the camp.  Mae is enjoying a hike with Ty when she has to tinkle.  She nips behind a tree and encounters a dead Ranger Ashbrook (at least she looked down before she did her business).  Did William kill him and take off?  Mae does not need another murder associated with Happy Trails, so she begins fishing for information.  She is hoping William’s distraught fiancé can provide some helpful intel.  Mae is also dealing with the potential closing of Daniel Boone National Park due to drought conditions, rivalry between Hank and Ty, a pregnant Fifi and finding a way to get out of her hair appointment.  Come along to Normal, Kentucky to join Mae as she casts a line to reel in the killer in Forests, Fishing and Forgery.

Forests, Fishing and Forgery is a light-hearted, humorous cozy mystery.  The book is well-written and has a steady pace which makes it easy to read.  Mae West is a fun main character with her mass of curls, her humor, compassion, curiosity, and desire to help others.  There are several quirky characters which make up The Laundry Club.  They are in the book, but the ladies are not prevalent this time around.  I thought Forests, Fishing and Forgery was toned down compared to the first two books in the series (I liked it).  There is still plenty of wit along with small town Southern charm.  I just love the description of downtown Normal, Kentucky (such a quaint and welcoming city).  The mystery was not complicated and identifying the guilty party is duck soup.  I like the direction Mae’s love life is headed.  I believe this individual is suited to Mae’s personality (if I told you who it would spoil it for you).  Little Fifi is having a rough time of it as she nears her due date.  Mae will soon have the patter of little paws in her small trailer (I can just imagine the trouble they will cause).  It is lovely to see Mae thriving in her new home and to see Happy Trails Campground flourishing.  There are recipes and RV hacks included at the end of the book.  I wonder what mischief Mae will get up to in the next A Camper & Criminals Cozy Mystery! Forests, Fishing and Forgery will be out on July 31 and it is on Kindle Unlimited.

The first two books in A Camper & Criminals Cozy Mystery are Beaches, Bungalows and Burglaries and Deserts, Driving and Derelicts.  The next Tonya Kappes book is Tangled up in Tinsel which will be published on September 25.  Thank so much for stopping by today.  Tomorrow is my stop on the Great Escapes Murder, She Reported Virtual Book Tour.  May you have a day filled with sweet treats (I am on a Hershey Kiss kick).  Take care and Happy Reading!

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This reminds me of when I was a kid and would hide somewhere so I could finish my book.  I wanted to avoid being forced outside to play. I was an unusual child!

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