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An Amish Christmas Kitchen by Kate Lloyd, Jan Drexler, and Leslie Gould

An Amish Christmas Kitchen: Three Novellas Celebrating the Warmth of the Season
Welcome! The Orphan Daughter by Sheila Riley will be out tomorrow, September 5.  We'll Meet Again by Rosie Archer about the Bluebird Girls in 1941 is now available and Power of the Witch by Deanna Chase is out today.  The Girl Who Loved Ghosts by K.C. Tansley is out September 16 and it is the third novel in The Unbelievables series.   There are so many great new books coming out this month.
In der Weihnachtsbäckerei ... gibt es ab sofort neue kleine Stars: unsere Christmas-Whoopies. Warum kann nicht immer Weihnachten sein?
An Amish Christmas Kitchen by Kate Lloyd, Jan Drexler and Leslie Gould contains three novellas celebrating the warmth of the season.  An Amish Family Christmas by Leslie Gould takes us to Lancaster County, Pennsylvania where Noelle Schrock is grieving the loss of her beloved mother and moving into a new home.  She lives with her father and does the baking for the business her mother started many years ago.  It is time for the Christmas Market and her older sister, Salome is laid up unable to handle their stall.  Noelle is afraid she will see Jesse who broke her heart and recently returned to town.  Being forced out of her comfort zone turns out to be a blessing in disguise because Noelle meets Holly, a Mennonite woman, who is also a Christmas Eve baby and sells delectable chocolates.  Noelle will be faced with some unexpected challenges and she will need her new friend along with her faith to help her navigate the difficult roads ahead.
Thank you, thank you. For years, I've tried desperately to remember the beautiful shops at Christmas in Avignon. This is the best picture.
An Amish Christmas Recipe Box by Jan Drexler takes us to the Heritage Amish Furniture shop where Ada Weaver works for her father, Leroy.  Ada bakes up the cookies and pastries they sell in the shop in addition to the beautifully handcrafted furniture.  Matthias Yoder is the newest hire and a talented craftsman.  He finds Ada to be lovely, but she only has eyes for Amos Hertzler.  Ada’s sister, Rose helps her concoct the Great Cookie Campaign to capture Amos’ attention.  Ada needs to learn that what we long for but not be what is best for us or what God has planned. 
These raspberry thumbprint cookies are loaded with toasted pecans and raspberry jam. Every bite just crumbles and melts in your mouth. #thumbprintcookies #jamdropcookies #raspberrycookies #jamcookies #christmascookies
An Unexpected Christmas Gift by Kate Lloyd has Maria Romano searching for her birth mother during the holiday season.  After her mother recently passed away, Maria learned that she was adopted.  Maria had taken a DNA test which turned up a relation.  That is how Maria ended up stranded outside Miller’s Quilts & Gifts during the holiday season.  The Miller family takes her in, and Maria gets an unexpected Christmas gift.  
Next time we visit Amish Country Paige and I are going to have dinner at an Amish home!
An Amish Christmas Kitchen contains three heartwarming holiday stories.  I thought all three novellas were well-written and engaging.  I started reading An Amish Family Christmas one evening and just kept reading until I finished all three (it was a late night).  The novellas contain great characters and lovely settings.  We see how the Amish focus on family and the true reason for the holiday season.  I like the life lessons featured in each story with my favorite being a person’s heart is more important than their appearance.  The romance plays out softly in each story which I appreciated.  The stories are realistic with feel good endings.  One of my favorite phrases is, “Life is only as short and hard as we make it.”  It is important to remember the true meaning of Christmas and that only He can bring us the peace and joy we desire.  There is a recipe for one of the mouthwatering baked goods featured in the story at the end of each novella.  An Amish Christmas Kitchen will have you wanting to drag out your Christmas decorations and start baking your favorite Christmas cookies. 
An Amish one-horse open sleigh seen in Intercourse, Pa 
An Amish Family Kitchen is available here (Amazon UK).  Thank you for joining me today.  I will return tomorrow with Who Shot the Serif? by Jessa Archer.  It is the first book in A Hand Lettering Mystery series.    I hope you have an uplifting day.  Take care and Happy Reading!

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