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Listening to Love by Beth Wiseman

Listening to Love (An Amish Journey #2)
Good Day!  New Beginnings at Promise Lodge by Charlotte Hubbard releases on September 24 along with A Christmas Haven by Cindy & Erin WoodsmallA Mrs. Miracle Christmas by Debbie Macomber will be out on October 1.  Child's Play by Danielle Steel publishes on October 8.  There are some wonderful new books coming out in the next couple of months.  
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Listening to Love by Beth Wiseman takes us to Southern Indiana.  Natalie Collins looks forward to Friday evening dinners with her friends Mary and Levi Shetler at their house along with her friend, Lucas.  It is an evening of hearty food and good conversation with people she has come to think of as family despite their differing backgrounds.  Mary, Levi and Lucas are Amish while Natalie is an Englischer.  Lucas has helped Natalie develop a relationship with God and grow in her faith.  They meet at the library each week, have lunch together often and talk on the phone in the evenings.  They each claim that they are only good friends, but, as time passes, their feelings begin to change.  When their family and friends see Natalie and Lucas become closer, they are worried.  Lucas’s mother, Helen does not want him to leave the Amish faith and Natalie’s mother, Cecelia is worried that her daughter would become Amish.  Natalie finds herself falling for her best friend, but she has the goal of becoming a veterinarian.   Natalie worries that Lucas would resent her if he left his family and faith for her.  Is there a way for the two of them to be together?  What is God’s will for Natalie and Lucas?
I keep wondering how much of the Old Ways points toward a better future ... (Check out the oil lamp hanging from the ceiling)
Listening to Love is the second An Amish Journey Novel.  It can be read on its own if you have not read Hearts in Harmony.  I thought Listening to Love is well-written with developed characters and steady pacing.  Natalie Collins loves animals and is pursuing a degree in veterinary medicine thanks to Mary and Levi Shetler.  They sold the beautiful piano they inherited from Adeline and gave the money to her.  There is a problem, though, preventing her from moving forward.  She cannot give shots and the sight of blood sickens her.  Natalie has developed a relationship with God thanks to Lucas.  He has become her close friend.  They meet each week at the library plus they have lunch dates and talk on the phone each evening.  People do not understand that a man and woman can just be friends.  Lucas has yet to be baptized, but he has never dreamed of leaving the Amish.  As Lucas spends more time with Natalie, his feelings for her change.  I could feel the struggle in Lucas and Natalie as well as their developing love.  I like that each of them has a close relationship with God.  Natalie’s mother, Cecelia is having a hard time after her divorce.  She has gone through her divorce settlement, maxed out her credit cards and her mortgage is behind.  Cecelia has been getting money from Natalie, but that is her college fund.  After attending a housewarming party at Mary and Levi’s, she gets a job with Moses Schwartz, the Shetler’s neighbor.  Cecelia’s dream job soon turns into a nightmare that disrupts the lives of those around her.  I liked this addition to the story as it gave the story added depth and interest.  I enjoyed seeing the changes in the characters as the story progressed especially in Cecelia and Helen.  My favorite phrase is “Listen to God and follow His lead.”  Listening to Love is an absorbing story about family, faith, friendship, and love.  
The beauty of an Amish sunset... an #gazebo can bring a little piece of Pennsylvania paradise to your backyard!
Listening to Love is available at all major retailers including Amazon (Amazon UK).  Thank you for dropping by today.  I am sharing my review of The Five Shilling Children by Lindsey Hutchinson tomorrow.  It is a heart wrenching story about children sold to Reed's Orphanage for five shillings.  I will have an excerpt and giveaway.  May you have a kindly day.  Take care and Happy Reading!

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