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Child's Play by Danielle Steel

Child's Play: A Novel by [Steel, Danielle]
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Child’s Play by Danielle Steel takes place in New York City.  Kate Morgan is a widow and a lawyer who raised three children on her own after her husband died nineteen years ago.  She is proud of her three kids with their successful careers.  Anthony is a videogame designer and engaged to marry Amanda in December.  Tamara is an executive with Chanel who has devoted her life to her career.  While Claire, the youngest, followed in her mother’s footsteps to become a lawyer and is working at top firm in New York.  Kate’s life is turned upside down that summer with shocking news and surprising revelations.  Anthony breaks off his engagement to the debutante who has been focusing all her attentions on the lavish wedding.  A chance encounter with a woman turned Anthony’s life upside down.  Kate is used to Claire flitting from one relationship to another, but she is astounded when Claire tells her about her latest beau.  Kate advises Claire to take things slow, but that is not Claire’s style.  She completely shocks her mother when she announces they are having a baby and Claire has no intention of getting married.  Tamara then reveals her secret to Kate.  Kate struggles with her children’s disclosures.  After talking with her mother, Kate calls her children together to share something that she has kept from them all these years. What does the future hold for Kate Morgan and her children? 
Child’s Play by Danielle Steel is a story that parent’s will be able to understand and relate to.  Parents have certain expectations for their children.  We forget that they must make their own mistakes and follow their own path in life.  Kate Morgan always set the bar high for her children and worked to be a good example for them.  Kate is in her 50s and a senior partner at a law firm in New York City.  After her politician husband passed away in a helicopter crash nineteen years previously, Kate went to law school while taking care of her kids with help from her mother, Margaret.  Kate is proud of her children with their successful careers.  She is unprepared when Claire announces she is having a child out of wedlock.  Kate has old-fashioned ideals which she passed along to her kids.  Claire, though, seems happy to shock her mother.   Then Anthony announces he has broken off his engagement which paves the way for Tamara’s news.  We see Kate struggle with each new announcement while juggling her clients.  I found Child’s Play to be just the right length and it was easy to read.  I quickly devoured it in a couple of hours.  The characters are developed and realistic.  Kate is an intelligent woman in her 50s who is also beautiful, sexy and vibrant.  I like that Danielle Steel is giving us this type of mature character.  Margaret, Kate’s mother, was my favorite.  She provided keen insights and did not let her grandchildren’s news shake her.  Kate could have let her children’s revelations alienate her from them, but we get to see how she adapts.  Families continue to evolve as people mature as we see in Child’s Play.  I liked that the main feature of the story was on the family with romance being secondary.  There is some repetition of details which seems to be a trend in this author’s recent works.  This repetitiveness is unnecessary.  Child’s Play had the type of ending we look for from Danielle Steel.  Child’s Play is dramatic family story with a spoiled sibling, shocking secrets, a lackluster lover, a boring bridezilla, a driven daughter, and a surprising suitor. 
Child's Play is available at major booksellers including AmazonSpy is Danielle Steel's next release and it releases November 26. As you can tell, I had some fun with the images I used today.  I especially could not resist the last one. Thank you for joining me today.  I am taking part in the Great Escapes Virtual Book Tour for Read and Buried by Eva Gates.  It is the sixth A Lighthouse Library Mystery.  I hope you will drop by.  May you have an enchanting day.  Take care and Happy Reading!

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