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An Amish Christmas Bakery by Amy Clipston, Kathleen Fuller, Kelly Irvin and

An Amish Christmas Bakery
Picture of Stoltzfus Bakery in Central Market, Lancaster PA
AAmish Christmas Bakery by Amy Clipston, Beth Wiseman, Kelly Irvin and Kathleen Fuller contains four Amish Christmas stories.  Cookies and Cheer by Amy Clipston takes us to Ronks Bakery in November where Alyssa Byler comes up with the idea to do a sugar cookie nativity scene for their front window.  She will need special cookie cutters made and approaches Kyle Smoker, a metalworker, to make them.  Alyssa creates a lovely display that draws customers into the shop and, after an article appears in the local paper, the bakery is swamped with customers.  Alyssa’s is soon spending all her time at the bakery to keep up with the demand and she is missing out on family traditions as well as spending time with her new boyfriend.  Will Alyssa realize what a special time of year it is and what she could lose in time?
Beiler's Cinnamon Buns
Loaves of Love by Beth Wiseman takes us to Orleans, Indiana where Katie Swartzentruber has been left in charge of the family bakery while her mother recovers from surgery.  Katie must keep up with the normal daily baking as well as the holiday orders using their two wood stoves plus handle the customers.  When her current beau, David offers her his families old propane oven, Katie believes it is the answer to her problem.  Henry Hershberger has been Katie’s friend since they were kids.  She waited for years for him to ask her out before recently moving on.  Henry is trying to work up the nerve to ask Katie out, but when he sees her with David, he realizes he may have missed his chance.  But in the season of miracles, anything can happen.
Hometown Kitchen - Lancaster County PA Amish cooking - Quarryville PA ~ Sarah's Country Kitchen ~
Melting Hearts by Kathleen Fuller returns us to Birch Creek.  Mattie Shetler came to help at Yoder’s Bakery after receiving a call from her Uncle Atlee stating that his wife, Carolyn needed assistance.  Mattie is enjoying her time with them until Peter Kaufman arrives to help with the bakery addition.  Mattie’s best friend, Lizzy was dating Peter until she came crying to Mattie about his horrible treatment.  Mattie attempts to ignore Peter but working plus living in the same house puts them in close quarters.  She observes Peter’s kindness and polite manners which has her wondering if she came to wrong conclusions about him.  With Christmas rapidly approaching, Mattie sets out to learn the truth.  Is there a chance for forgiveness and perhaps love this holiday season?
Visit an Amish market.  We go to the one in Shewsbury, PA when we go visit our daughter! It is wonderful, the ham hocks are huge!
Cakes and Kisses by Kelly Irvin takes readers to Jamesport, Missouri.  Martha Ropp works with her sister, Elsie managing the family bakery since their mother passed away.  Martha observes teenagers picking on Ambrose Hershberger and she goes to rescue him.  Ambrose is a kind, gentle man who works for Burke at the Purple Martin Café and takes care of his blind aunt.  When Martha learns that Ambrose cannot read, she sets out to teach him.  They become good friends and Martha begins to feel more for Ambrose.  Ambrose had resigned himself to a future without a wife or family because of his learning challenges.  After spending time with Martha, Ambrose begins to dream of a future with her.  However, Ambrose is afraid that Martha will rebuff him and he will lose his friend.  
AMISH DISCOVERIES: Fastnacht Day is Today-
An Amish Christmas Bakery by Amy Clipston, Beth Wiseman, Kelly Irvin and Kathleen Fuller contains four Amish Christmas stories filed with joy, hope, faith, and love.  I thought they were all well-written with steady pacing and relatable characters.  I enjoyed reading each of the four tales.  While the stories are cohesive (bakery theme), each novella has the author's distinctive writing voice.  Cookies and Cheer was such a sweet story with the sugar cookie nativity scene (sounds lovely).  I liked the characters and the moral of the story (the true meaning of Christmas).  It has Amy Clipston’s engaging writing which made Cookies and Cheer a pleasure to read.  Each novella has a life lesson, Christmas cheer and romance.  In Melting Hearts we see the importance of forgiveness.  I could relate to Martha Ropp in Cakes and Kisses with her severe migraines (poor thing).  My favorite phrases came from Cakes and Kisses.  It is “We are all the same in God’s eyes.”  Wouldn’t the world be a different place if everyone viewed individual’s in this manner!  Each of these stories will have you smiling and sometimes laughing.  An Amish Christmas Bakery contains four heartwarming novellas with mouthwatering baked goods, the true meaning of Christmas, good friends, and tender romance. 
AMISH DISCOVERIES: An Amish Yummy Moment
An Amish Christmas Bakery is available through Amazon (Amazon UK releases November 14) as well as other major booksellers (CBD, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Waterstone's).  Each story can be purchased individually as well.  Amy Clipston's next novel is The Bake Shop which comes out on November 5. It is the first book in An Amish Marketplace series.  Thank you for dropping by today.  I am a stop on the Celebrate Lit Tour for Forever, Lately by Linore Rose Burkard (time traveling romance).  May you have a sunny day.  Take care and Happy Reading!

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