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Murder on the Road by Adriana Licio

Murder on the Road (An Italian Village Mystery Book 1)
Good Day! Read and Buried by Eva Gates, Christmas Angels by Nancy Naigle and The Painted Castle by Kristy Cambron come out on October 15.  Christmas with the Shipyard Girls by Nancy Revell is available on October 24.  It is the seventh book in the delightful The Shipyard Girls series.  I wish publishers would wait to release Christmas themed books in November and December because I want to enjoy spooky Halloween books in September and October.  Does anyone else feel this way?
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Murder on the Road by Adriana Licio is the first book in An Italian Village Mystery.  Gio Brando is heading home to Maratea, Italy after breaking off her engagement to her cheating fianc√©.  She finds a woman crushed from a boulder inside a car and Gio becomes Maresciallo Mauro Mangiaboschi main suspect.  Gio with help from her sister, Agnese and Briadiere Paolo Rossi sets out to find the real culprit.  I found Murder on the Road to be a refreshing new cozy mystery.  Adriana Licio’s descriptions swept me to sunny Italy.  I found Maratea to be a charming village and I was intrigued by Agnese’s perfumery.  Maratea is a small village where everyone knows your business and information travels faster than maple syrup on hot pancakes.  Of course, small town politics are also at play with a less than stellar police chief and an overbearing investigator.  We get to meet various townspeople, check out the shops and spend time at Agnese’s perfumery (sells all types of cosmetics plus scents).  We get to see Agnese at work and meet some of her clientele.  The mystery has some intriguing elements with my favorite being the unique method of murder.  Suspects are questioned and gossip is obtained to help ascertain the killer’s identity.  There are multiple suspects, a red herring or two and good clues to help readers solve the crime.  I would have liked the whodunit to be more challenging since the guilty party can be identified early in the story.  I kept hoping for a twist to surprise me.  The Italian police have very different titles from our officers in the states.  I enjoyed learning about the Italian justice system.  Murder on the Road is a charming cozy mystery with a quaint Italian village, gossip galore, delectable Italian delicacies, pleasing perfumes, surprising secrets and a travel writer turned sleuth.
Maratea, Italy
Murder on the Road is available at Amazon and can be borrowed through Kindle Unlimited.  To get the prequel And Then There Were Bones by Adriana Licio, visit her website and subscribe (big red button in upper right hand corner). Thank you for dropping in today.  I am reviewing Wherever You Go by Tracie Peterson tomorrow.  It is the second novel in the Brookstone Brides series.   I hope that you have a peaceful day.  Take care and Happy Reading!

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