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Outsider by Linda Castillo

Outsider (Kate Burkholder #12)
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Inside Amish life
Outsider by Linda Castillo has Adam Lengacher enjoying a sleigh ride with his three children in Painter’s Mill, Ohio when they find an abandoned vehicle with blood nearby.  Adam searches the area and finds an unconscious woman who is bleeding.  Adam takes her back to his home where she asks for Kate Burkholder, the chief of police.  When Kate arrives, she is surprised to see the woman is Gina Colorosa.  Kate and Gina shared an apartment in Columbus as well as went to the police academy together and began their careers together with Columbus Division of Police.  Kate has not seen or spoken with Gina in ten years.  Kate learns that there is a warrant out for Gina’s arrest.  Gina reported corruption within the vice unit and now they are out to eliminate her.  They have framed her for the death of a confidential informant and raided her home in an attempt to kill her.  Kate calls John Tomasetti who is her beau as well as an agent with Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation.  Tomasetti is able to get little information.  Something odd is definitely going on.  They need to keep Gina under wraps until the snowstorm blows over and they can transport her to right officials.  Unfortunately, there are people who want to make sure that Gina does not talk, and they are willing to brave the heavy snowfall to accomplish it.  Will Kate be able to keep everyone safe?
Outsider by Linda Castillo is the 12th A Kate Burkholder Novel.  It can be read on its own for those new to the series, but I recommend reading this suspenseful series in order. I thought Outsider was well-written with developed characters and it moves along at a fast pace.  Outsider starts off with a bang in the prologue with Gina Colorosa, a vice unit cop from Columbus, on the run after a no-knock warrant is executed at 3 a.m. on her home.  Gina was prepared for this action and was able to escape, but she was shot in the shoulder.  Gina knows only one person whom she can trust and that is Kate Burkholder.  Adam Lengacher, an Amish widower with three children, rescues Gina and takes her into his home.  Kate is shocked when she sees Gina because it has been ten years since they parted.  Kate would not have become a police officer if not for Gina.  Gina tells Kate about corruption within the police force in Columbus.  There is suspense, action, mystery, and intrigue in Outsider.  You wonder if Gina is disclosing all the information to Kate, who is involved in the corruption, and what will happen next.  There is graphic violence in Outsider and along with an extensive amount of foul language (fair warning).  I thought Outsider was more violent than the earlier books in A Kate Burkholder series.  I like that we get to learn more about what happened to Kate after she left home, her time at the academy, and her early years on the force in Columbus.   We also discover why Kate has not spoken to Gina in ten years.  There are some cute moments in Outsider as well.  Adam’s three kids are sweet.  Sammy was my favorite.  He is a curious boy.  There was a calf who had been spurned by his mama that needed nurturing.  I like the relationship between Kate Burkholder and John Tomasetti.  They manage to balance their work and their private life.  I liked the author’s descriptive writing which brought the scenes to life.  I enjoyed the vivid word imagery of the sleigh ride especially.  I like the glimpses of Amish life which felt authentic.  Outsider is a suspenseful novel with a cute calf, a well-proportioned widower, a friend on frightful footing, substantial snowfall, corrupt cops, an auto accident, and a barrage of bullets.
Top 12 Things To Do In Pennsylvania Amish Country - Adventure Hike Travel Take a tour of The Amish Village in Strasburg. Enter through the gift shop and sign up for a guided tour of the Amish house, and then go outside to tour the stable and see the animals. I saw a baby calf only a few days old! Finish the rest of the village on your own. There’s a covered bridge, several buggies to sit on for plenty of photo ops, a blacksmith shop, one room school house, a village store
Outsider is available from Amazon* as well as other major booksellers (Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Google Play, Powell's).  You can find the other novels in A Kate Burkholder series here.  Kate Burkholder's tale began with Sworn to Silence.  Thank you for joining me today.  I am heading off to do a little cleaning.  On July 9, I am featuring A Million Little Lies by Bette Lee Crosby.  I hope you have an upbeat day.  Take care, stay safe, and Happy Reading!

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