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Morning Star by Charlotte Hubbard

Morning Star
Welcome!  I hope everyone is having a good week.  I am in a very good mood.  I have been working towards a goal for almost seven years and I finally achieved it this week.  I had no idea it would take me this long to get the invite (sorry, but I am not allowed to say more).  I am just happy to finally have reached the summit.  I can now enjoy the perks.  How are you doing?  
Amish - Girls begin wearing a cape for church and dress up occasions at about age eight. Single women wear a white cape to church until about the age of thirty. Everyday capes are colored, matching the dress, until about age forty when only black is used.
Morning Star by Charlotte Hubbard has Jo Fussner coming up with the idea to use the old Clementi barn as a marketplace for their community.  She takes her notion to Bishop Jeremiah Shetler.  Soon The Marketplace is born and it will open at the beginning of June.  Regina Miller finds painting a joy.  She creates beautiful watercolors which goes against the Ordung.  Regina rents a booth at The Marketplace under a pseudonym which will allow her to maintain her secrecy while selling her creations.  Unfortunately, Gabe Flaud has been paying attention to Regina and her habits.  It leads him to speculate in public that Regina may be the artist which brings the church leaders down on Regina.  Gabe feels guilty for the trouble he has caused Regina especially since he has a secret of his own.  Gabe defends Regina before the other members and confesses his own sin.  The pair find themselves drawn together in the weeks that follow.  Will they find themselves the newest couple in Morning Star, or are their differences too numerous to overcome?
Picture of Stoltzfus Bakery in Central Market, Lancaster PA
Morning Star by Charlotte Hubbard is the beginning of The Maidels of Morning Star series.  Jo Fussner, Regina Miller, Lydianne Christner plus Mariettta and Molly Helfing are five unmarried women living in Morning Star, Missouri.  The five independent ladies all have jobs that support them which is unconventional for Amish women.  I liked Jo Fussner’s idea of purchasing the Clementi property and turning the run down stable into a marketplace.   The community is lucky to have a kind and compassionate leader in Bishop Jeremiah Shetler.  It is a shame the deacon and ministers are not cut from the same cloth.  Regina Miller has been creating art for many years.  While taking a class during her rumspringa, Regina discovered her love of watercolors.  She creates realistic landscapes and has dozens of them stacked in bins in her attic studio.  Regina came up with a plan to rent a stall at The Marketplace.  Unfortunately, she did not count on someone figuring out her secret and blurting it out in front of others.  I thought Morning Star was well-written with steady pacing.  There are some great characters in this story as well as some you want to drop kick into the next county.  The problem I had was with the content.  We see a woman being condemned for using her God given talents to create art.  These few men now attack her for her creativity.  I could not stand the belittling and bullying.  They want Regina to give up her independence.  I just found it all wrong.  I know it is a part of the Amish faith, but I found it frustrating and upsetting.  If she had painted on usable objects, then it was not sinful (where is the logic in that).  Please note that this is just my personal feelings about some of the content.  Morning Star has other components that I enjoyed.  I will be reading First Light in Morning Star.  I enjoyed the references to nearby Willow Ridge from Charlotte Hubbard’s Simple Gifts series and Seasons of the Heart series.  My favorite line from Morning Stars is, “Chocolate makes everything feel better, ain’t so?”  Morning Star starts off the Maidels of Morning Star series with a bang.  Morning Star is an emotional tale with picturesque paintings, merry music, a booming marketplace, firm friends, and a benevolent bishop. 
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Morning Star is available from Amazon* as well as other booksellers (Barnes & Noble, Kobo, iBooks, etc.).  The next novel in The Maidels of Morning Star series is First Light in Morning Star featuring Lydianne Christner.  It will release on December 29, 2020.  You can find Charlotte Hubbard's other novels here.  Thank you for stopping by today.  Tomorrow I am featuring Witches and Wedding Cake by Bailey Cates.  It is the 9th A Magical Bakery Mystery.  I hope you have an uplifting day.  Take care, stay safe, and Happy Reading!

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