Friday, May 7, 2021

A Tale of Two Cookies by Eve Calder

 A Tale of Two Cookies

Book Summary

A Tale of Two Cookies by Eve Calder has Kate McGuire happy for her friend, Desiree Goldsmith who is retiring and marrying Judson Cooper.  Kate can tell that Desiree and Judson are very much in love and that they suit each other.  She has created beautiful bride and groom cookie toppers for their cake.  Kate along with the rest of the guests are waiting on the beach in Coral Cay, Florida for the bride and groom to arrive.  The bride arrives, but the groom is MIA.  Kate contacts Detective Ben Abrams who dives into the baffling case.  Kate begins asking questions and searching for clues with the help of her friends.  Things are hectic in Coral Cay as a reality show takes over a local home and begins filming. Kate wonders if there is a connection between Judson’s disappearance and the show.  Kate ends up with a jumble of clues that she will need to sift through if she is to find Judson.

My Thoughts

A Tale of Two Cookies by Eve Calder is the 3rd A Cookie House Mystery.  It can be read as a standalone for those new to the series.  This is an engaging cozy mystery set in Coral Cay, Florida.  Kate McGuire is part-owner in The Cookie House where she whips up delectable cookies with Sam Hepplewhite.  There is a delightful cast of secondary characters that includes Maxi and Kate’s dog, Oliver.  The characters are well-rounded, friendly, and relatable.  There are vivid descriptions of Coral Cay, the beach, and the various cookies.  It allows readers to envision they are on lounging on the beach with a good book and a bag of fresh baked cookies from The Cookie House.  The mystery was clever for a cozy mystery. I did arrive at the solution early on, but it was fun following Kate’s investigation to the resolution.  There was a good wrap up of the crime.   I like it when all loose ends are tied up.  I did feel the story was a tad long (fifty-chapters).  A little editing would not have been remiss.  The ending of A Tale of Two Cookies is one that will leave readers smiling.  A Tale of Two Cookies is a sweet treat with scrumptious cookies, a gone groom, a wrecked wedding, a bothered bride, threatened turtles, a beautiful beach, and a pushy photographer.  

A Tale of Two Cookies can be purchased from Amazon*.  The first two books in A Cookie House Mystery series are And Then There Were Crumbs and Sugar & Vice.  Thank you for reading my review today.  Tomorrow I am a stop on the Great Escapes Virtual Book Tour for The Ghost and the Haunted Portrait by Cleo Coyle.  It is the 7th A Haunted Bookshop Mystery.  I hope you have a sweet day.  Take care, be kind, and Happy Reading!


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