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The Shell Collector by Nancy Naigle

 The Shell Collector

Book Summary

The Shell Collector by Nancy Naigle has Amanda Whittier still grieving the loss of her Marine husband after two years.  She feels that her two kids, herself, and their dog, Denali need a fresh start.  Amanda buys a fixer-upper at the beach on Whelk’s Island in North Carolina.  She has dreamed of opening her own business making herb-infused salts, but Amanda has had to temporarily put the idea on the back burner.  When the summer is over, Amanda will begin teaching at the local elementary school that her daughter will attend.  Amanda and her children are on the beach when they meet Maeve Lindsay.  Maeve walks the beach each day collecting treasures.  Maeve is a lively woman who knows everyone on the island and takes an active role in community affairs.  She is a widow herself who understands Amanda’s grief.  Paul Grant is also a newcomer to Whelk’s Island who has opened Paws Town Square.  He does remarkable work with military dogs.  Paul has loved and lost.  He does not feel that love is in his future.  Paul pours himself into his work and helping the community.  Paul, Amanda, and Maeve become friends who help encourage each other to find joy in each day.  With His help, Paul, Amanda, and Maeve can move forward into fulfilling futures.

My Thoughts

The Shell Collector by Nancy Naigle is a sweet, inspiring story.  It is one of those novels that makes you feel good.  It is the perfect type of book to read while relaxing by the pool or while on vacation.  We get to meet Amanda Whittier and her children along with Paul Grant and Maeve Lindsay.  I just loved Maeve who is a free-spirited woman who enjoys life to the fullest.  The friendship between Maeve and Amanda was touching.  The point-of-view switches between Maeve, Amanda, and Paul.  This allows readers to see things from each of their perspectives.  The Shell Collector is an emotional story that will tug on your heartstrings.  I thought The Shell Collector was well-written with developed characters and a beautiful setting.  I just loved the sound of Whelk’s Island.  I liked the small-town community as well as the beautiful beach.  The shell descriptions allowed me to imagine what they looked like.  I thought it was creative for someone to write inspirational messages inside shells and leave them where they can be found. It seemed the right shell was found by the person who needed it at that time.  One of my favorite quotes from The Shell Collector is, “Unfortunately no life is free of sadness, be it from pain, loss, ill, or…, well, you get the idea.  It’s all a necessary part of a life well lived.”  In life we need both the good and the bad so that we have balance.   The other is, “When the tide goes out, we get to appreciate the treasures it reveals. And when it comes in, new life is washed ashore.  There’s beauty in both.”  Faith is at the forefront of The Shell Collector.  Our three main characters are Christians who knows God is there for them.  They pray for his guidance and know that all things happen in His timing.  This is a story about wisdom, friendship, a second chance at love, and finding joy in nature’s beauty.  The Shell Collector is a touching tale with cute kids, a playful pooch, special seashells, a mournful mother, a free-spirited friend, superannuated soldier, and a gracious God.

The Shell Collector can be purchased from Amazon*.  You can find Nancy Naigle's other novels here.  There will be a virtual launch party tonight with Nancy Naigle for The Shell Collector at 7 p.m. EST.  Click here to get your ticket. If you enjoy crossword puzzles, check out this one made for The Shell Collector.   Thank you for stopping by today and reading my review. Tomorrow I am a stop on the Celebrate Lit Tour for At Lighthouse Point by Suzanne Woods Fisher.  It is the 3rd novel in Three Sisters Island series.  I hope that you will join me.  May you have a carefree day.  Take care, be kind, and Happy Reading!


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