Saturday, May 15, 2021

Stage Fright by Kate Lloyd

 Stage Fright

Book Summary

Stage Fright by Kate Lloyd has Jessica Nash blowing a community theater audition when stage fright takes hold.  Jessica is determined to put it behind her and enjoy the trip to England with her church choir.  The trip gets off to a rocky start when she is seated next to Martin Spear, a famous tenor, who has joined their choir for the tour.  Jessica is taken aback by his attitude toward women.  Jessica is looking forward to sharing a room with her best friend, Roxanne Miller.  Unfortunately, Jessica ends up with the entitled Clare Van Arsdale who thinks only about herself.  Jessica’s luck takes a turn when their dashing tour guide, Nick Toscano takes an interest in her. When Nick takes over for their driver, Jessica will have the whole tour to get to know him.  Fate, though, seems to keep putting Martin and Jessica together.  Jessica will find herself challenged during her week in England in unanticipated ways.  What does the future hold for Jessica?

My Thoughts

Stage Fright by Kate Lloyd is a sweet story.  I thought it was well-written with a diverse cast of interesting characters.  The story moves along at a good pace as we follow Jessica Nash on her journey.  Jessica Nash is a schoolteacher, single mother, and a member of her church choir.  She also takes singing lessons.  Jessica’s son, Cooper is becoming a teen and his behavior reflects it (angsty).  Her church choir is going on a weeklong tour in England and Jessica is looking forward to it.  This is her one chance to travel the country of her favorite authors.  Jessica did not expect to find romance along the way.  There is a mystery in the story along with some secrets.  I enjoyed the descriptions of the sights as the choir made its way through England as well as the music they sang.  We get to see Jessica challenged to go beyond her comfort zone.  I could certainly understand Jessica’s stage fright.  I have a fear of public speaking that haunts me to this day.  Stage fright is not something that is not easy to overcome.  I liked the humor is the story that kept it lighthearted.  The ending will leave you smiling.  Stage Fright is an encouraging tale with a rotten roommate, a tricky tenor, an eye-catching Italian, a dedicated director, a tremendous tour, and a frightening fear.  

Stage Fright is available from Amazon*.  If you enjoy Stage Fright, then you should check out From Rome with Love.  You can find Kate Lloyd's other novels here.  Thank you for visiting today.  The East End Girl in Blue by Fenella J. Miller is on deck for tomorrow.  It is the 2nd book in The Girls in Blue series.  I hope that you have a relaxing day.  Take care, be kind, and Happy Reading!


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