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Hooked On You by Kathleen Fuller

 Hooked On You

Book Summary

Hooked On You by Kathleen Fuller has Riley McAllister reluctantly returning to Maple Falls, Arkansas to help her grandmother after she breaks a leg sliding into third base.  She needs Riley to run her yarn shop while she recovers.  Riley is hoping she can convince her grandmother to sell the shop and retire.  Riley wants to get out of Maple Falls and return to New York City as quickly as possible.  She is surprised when Hayden Price picks her up at the airport.  Riley had a crush on Hayden in high school, but they moved in different circles.  It only takes a short time in Hayden’s company to learn that Riley has feelings for him.  Riley is determined to not let him get close because she is not about to let her dreams get derailed.  She needs his help, though, in getting her grandmother’s house fixed up as well as the shop.  As they spend time together, their feelings deepen.  Riley also begins making friends.  But then someone from her past returns to town bringing up old disappointments and pain.  Riley wants to flee back to New York.  Will the past keep Riley from having a bright future in Maple Falls?

My Thoughts

Hooked On You by Kathleen Fuller is the first A Maple Falls Romance.   I have mixed feelings about this book.  I enjoyed the descriptions of the mixed media art, Maple Falls, and the grandmother’s yarn shop.  I loved Erma McAllister, Riley’s grandmother.  She is a lively character with a big heart.  I hope I am as spirited as Erma when get to be her age.  I also enjoyed Erma’s group of friends called the Bosom Buddies.    I am not a fan of Riley McAllister with her numerous issues.  I found her to be overly dramatic especially later in the book in a scene with Erma.  Reading about Riley and her various troubles just made me anxious.  I like to become immersed in books (relax and enjoy), but I was unable to with Hooked On You.   There is limited character development.  We learn more about the main characters as the story progresses in a piecemeal fashion.  The story moves at a slower pace until the ending which felt rushed.  I also thought the dialogue was awkward (stilted).  Personally, I feel that Maple Falls with Erma (as an amateur sleuth) and the Bosom Buddies (helping her investigate the crimes) would make the great basis for a cozy mystery series.    Hooked on You was not a good fit for me.  I was not able to get into the story.  I ended up skimming parts of the book until I reached the end.  I suggest you obtain a sample of Hooked On You to see if it is a book that you would enjoy.  Different books appeal to different people (that is their beauty).  Hooked On You is a lighthearted Christian romance about finding love, family, friendships, and forgiveness.  

Hooked On You can be purchased from Amazon*.  Much Ado about a Latte is the second book in A Maple Falls Romance series which publishes January 4, 2022.  Kathleen Fuller has Matched and Married releasing September 7.  You can find Kathleen Fuller's other novels here.   Thank you for visiting today.  I am featuring The Break-Up Book Club by Wendy Wax tomorrow.   I hope you have cheerful day.  Take care, be kind, and Happy Reading!


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