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Edie's Home for Orphans by Gracie Taylor plus Amazon Prime Day!

 Edie's Home for Orphans
Book Summary

On the Home Front, one girl is determined to make a difference.

Edie’s hopes of serving overseas are dashed when she’s sent to be a Land Girl in a sleepy Cumbrian village.

Prue has shut the world out since her son went away to fight. Yet when asked to take in a Land Girl and two little evacuees from London, she has no choice.

Edie’s heart breaks seeing the children’s cold welcome. But when the evacuees take in a stray puppy, even Prue can’t say no.

Edie realises Applefield Manor could become a sanctuary. But can she persuade Prue to open her heart, and her home?

A moving, uplifting wartime story that fans of Dilly Court will love. 

My Thoughts

Edie’s Home for Orphans by Gracie Taylor is a sweet historical novel.  Edie Cartwright wants to do her bit for the war effort, but her health precludes her from joining the WRENs (Women’s Royal Naval Service).  She learns that she can join the Women’s Land Army (become a Land Girl).  Edie is assigned to Applefield Manor in Cumberland where she will work part-time helping Prudence Hewitt’s gardener, Jack and spend the rest of time at Larkstone Farm.  Edie is mystified when she learns that only four people live in such a large home.  Soon, two evacuees join the household much to Prue’s dismay.  The siblings have had a rough time of it and need love plus reassurance.  Edie hopes that the children will help soften Prue’s heart and open the doors to the manor.  All lost strays need a sanctuary.  Edie’s Home for Orphans is a charming, inspirational tale.  It has great characters that include Edie, Prue, Jack, Sam, Tilly, the siblings, and a variety of animals.  I liked seeing the characters develop over the course of the story.  There are good descriptions of Cumberland, and I thought the author captured the feeling of the war especially how everyone wants to help.  I enjoyed learning about the Women’s Land Army.  Food was needed to feed the soldiers as well as those at home.  With the men off fighting, women were needed on the farms.  In Edie’s Home for Orphans, we get to see that there is more than one type of family.  The story does contain some mild foul language (less than ten words). I admit that I prefer the title used in the UK better than the one used in the United States which is Edie's Home for Strays. I enjoyed Gracie Taylor’s debut novel.  I look forward to reading this author’s books in the future.   Edie’s Home for Orphans is a heartwarming, uplifting historical novel.  

Edie's Home for Orphans is available from Amazon*. This is Gracie Taylor's debut novel.  You can follow her on Amazon to receive updates on her latest releases.  Thank you for stopping by today. Don't forget it is Amazon Prime Day.  There are great deals and new ones throughout the day.  Check them out here.  I will be back tomorrow with What a Dog Knows by Susan Wilson.  I hope that you have joyous day.  Take care, be kind, and Happy Reading!


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