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Loving Mrs. Bontrager by Loree Lough

 Loving Mrs. Bontrager
Book Summary

Amid the New Order Amish community of Oakland, Maryland, an unexpected gift of comfort and tender caring can help spark a surprising dream of love . . .

Between raising three grieving children and running a booming business, recent widower Aaron Bontrager desperately needs help—even if it means a marriage of convenience only. He couldn’t be more surprised by his new wife, ebullient Bethel Mast. With an unconventional, joyful sense of purpose, she's starting to turn his house back into a home and bring stability and peace to his children’s lives. And somehow, her gentle understanding is reigniting impossible hope in Aaron's guarded, lonely heart . . .
Bethel never had a fair chance for a home and family of her own. She doesn't want to replace Aaron’s first wife, but she’ll face any challenge to aid him and his children. And she soon finds Aaron’s formidable exterior hides a sensitivity and caring that she’s quietly drawn to. Can Bethel show him that their practical arrangement is blossoming into so much more—and can be the start of a wonderful future together for all of them?
My Thoughts

Loving Mrs. Bontrager by Loree Lough is a heartwarming Amish novel.  Bethel Mast arrives in Pleasant Valley, Maryland to become Aaron Bontrager’s wife.  Aaron has been struggling since the death of his wife to run his business, his home, and to take care of his three rambunctious children.  Aaron’s brother-in-law suggested Bethel to Aaron as the perfect solution.  Aaron made sure that Bethel understood that the marriage is an arrangement only.  Bethel soon restores order to the chaotic Bontrager household.  Her sweet, gentle nature soon begins to make changes on the children’s hearts.  Bethel wonders if Aaron could ever find a way to love her as well.  Loving Mrs. Bontrager is the third book in A Little Child Shall Lead Them series.  While it is part of the series, it reads as a standalone.  Loving Mrs. Bontrager is one of those stories that you do not want to put down.  I started reading it before bed and I found myself staying up late because I did not want to stop.  I thought the characters were developed and realistic.  My heart went out to Bethel and Aaron.  I was amazed at Bethel’s sweet nature considering what she has experienced.  We never know what really goes on inside a family’s home.  We only see what they let us.  In Loving Mrs. Bontrager, we get a peak behind the doors.  The children were great characters as well.  The three kids were so different, but they were similar in their need for love and acceptance.  It was a great touch that the author had the sibling’s bicker.  She made them like real-life siblings.  I wish I could accomplish a fraction of what Bethel managed to get done in a day.  She is a whirlwind who does great things with very little.  I thought Bethel had the patience of a saint.  I do not know how she held her tongue at times.  Loving Mrs. Bontrager is special, wholesome Amish novel with great life lessons.    I had two phrases from the book that I wanted to share.  The first is, “What Englishers—what anyone else thinks—is unimportant.  He is the only being we need to impress.”  The other phrase I wanted to share is, “With the right mindset, a person can accomplish much.”   Loving Mrs. Bontrager is a heartfelt tale with busy boys, a demanding mill, a massive mess, colossal amounts of laundry, a sweet story, a startling lodger, and one good-natured woman.

Loving Mrs. Bontrager can be acquired from Amazon*.  The other novels in A Little Child Shall Lead Them series are All He'll Ever Need  (can be borrowed for free if you are a Kindle Unlimited member) and Home to Stay.  You can find Loree Lough's other novels here.  Thank you for visiting today.  Tomorrow I am discussing Outdoors, Oars, and Oath by Tonya Kappes.  It is the 18th A Camper & Criminals Cozy Mystery.  I hope that you have a sunny day.  Take care, be kind, and Happy Reading!


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