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Joshua's Mission

Happy February 1!  The beginning of a new month!  It is National Freedom Day!  It is a day to celebrate the freedom from slavery. This day was created in 1948 (by a former slave).  The first volume of the Oxford English Dictionary was published in 1884 on February 1.  President Lincoln signed the Thirteenth Amendment to the Constitution on this day in 1865 which eliminated slavery in the United States!  The Beatles have their first number one hit in the United States (I Want to Hold Your Hand) in 1964.  I thought this one was funny.  In 2004 the Janet Jackson incident happened during the half-time show for the Superbowl XXXVIII. This resulted in a stronger adherence to censorship practices on behalf of U.S. broadcasters (thanks Janet)!  

Joshua's Mission by Vannetta Chapman is the second book in the Plain and Simple Miracles series. Charlie Everman is sixty-five and a retired English teacher.  He lives in Aransas, Texas.  The area is expecting Hurricane Orion to hit.  Charlie is helping Alice givens and her grandchildren get off the island.  Charlie is unable to get off the island before the storm hits and witnesses the devastation to the area (gets caught in it). 

Joshua Kline lives in Cody’s Creek, Oklahoma.  He is the older, responsible brother.  He is getting a little tired of getting his brother, Alton out of trouble.  Becca Lynn Troyer is twenty years old and lives with her parents.  She has no prospects (for marriage) and is feeling a little restless.  She is thinking about going on a mission trip with Mennonite Disaster Service (MDS).  Becca has decided to pray on it.  Seven months after Hurricane Orion a group is going to Texas to help build homes in Aransas.  Bishop Levi recommends that Becca go on the trip.  Becca’s Aunt Nancy will be her chaperone.  The kindly Bishop also suggests that Joshua and Alton go on the trip.  He believes it is just what they need (especially Alton after his latest escapade). This group will be working with Charlie to help finish Alice Givens home.  They will spend three weeks in the area.   This could be just what each of them needs.  A little distance and perspective (and maybe a little romance). 

Joshua’s Mission is told from three different perspectives (Charlie, Joshua, and Becca's).  The story goes back and forth from Texas where the Hurricane Orion is going to hit (and what happens during and after the hurricane) and with Joshua and Becca in their hometown.  Joshua's Mission is well written (as are all of Ms. Chapman's books), but it is not as engaging as her other books.  I just felt that something was missing.  It did not keep my interest like her other works.   I think some of it had to do with Joshua (he was really getting on my nerves towards the end of the book).  He kept being so insistent that Alton was his responsibility (to keep him out of trouble and on the right path).  I give Joshua’s Mission 4 out of 5 stars.  Do not get me wrong.  Joshua’s Mission is a good book.  I just did not think it was a great book (just my personal feelings).

The first book in the Plain and Simple Miracles series is Anna's Healing.  I received a complimentary copy of Joshua’s Mission from NetGalley in exchange for an honest opinion.

I am currently reading Grim Steeper by Amanda Cooper (almost done and it is very good).  I want to thank you for stopping by and reading my review.  I hope you have had a good Monday (I think I am coming down with another cold)!  Take care, stay well and Happy Reading.

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