Friday, February 19, 2016

Room for Hope and Giveaway!

Welcome!  I bet many of you are happy it is Friday!  It is Chocolate Mint Day!  For those of you that like mint chocolate chip ice cream or those little Andes mints, this is the day for you!  Indulge and enjoy!  Some interesting historical events that happened on February 19 are Thomas Edison patented the phonograph in 1878; Kansas became the first state to prohibit alcoholic beverages in 1881 (they have, of course, changed it since then); the tintype camera was patented by Professor Hamilton L. Smith in 1856; and in 1985 Cherry Coke was introduced by the Coca-Cola company!

Room for Hope by Kim Vogel Sawyer is set in Buffalo Creek, Kansas in 1936 (starts in late September).  Neva Gaines Shilling helps her husband run the Main Street Mercantile and takes care of their home (above the store) and their two children.  Warren Shilling (her husband) takes a wagon out to pick up supplies and visit remote communities.  Warren has been gone a month and they are expecting him home that day.  Instead of Warren, Deputy Sheriff Jesse Caudel arrives with a wagon.  He has come to inform Neva that her “brother” Warren passed away along with his wife, Violet.  One of his last actions was for someone to bring their three children to their Aunt Neva.  Neva is shocked, but she quickly recovers (she does not want the Jesse to know she is really Warren’s wife).  Neva takes the three children into her home (reluctantly) for now (while she decides what to do).   Neva tells her children (twins Bella and Bud) that their father wanted them to take in these three children (not that Warren is there father as well).  What would happen if the truth comes out about Warren and his activities?   Can Neva handle manage the store on her own?  Warren always handled the ordering (and the store is almost bare).  Arthur Randall (of Randall’s Emporium) offers to buy out Mrs. Shilling, but Neva does not wish to sell.  Arthur tries to convince her with charm and kindness.  Will Arthur be able to convince Neva to sell the mercantile?  You will need to read Room for Hope to see how Neva handles these new developments in her life.

Room for Hope is such a good book.  I loved Room for Hope and did not want it to end.  The book is well-written and has such a good flow (makes for easy reading).  It is a heartwarming story about faith, acceptance, and God’s love.  This tale will warm your heart.  Room for Hope has such a sweet ending.  I stayed up late reading this book because I did not want to put it down.  I give Room for Hope 5 out of 5 stars.  I look forward to the next book by Kim Vogel Sawyer.  If you enjoy historical, Christian novels, you will want to read Room for Hope!

Kim Vogel Sawyer's next book is Guide Me Home.  It will be out in August (according to Amazon).  You can follow Kim Vogel Sawyer on Amazon to get updates on her latest releases. I received a complimentary copy of Room for Hope from the publisher and Blogging for Books in exchange for an honest review.

I am giving away two copies of Room for Hope courtesy of the publisher. You need to have a valid street address (no PO boxes--sorry) in the United States or Canada.  To enter you just need to leave a comment with your email address (so I can contact you) and join my blog (you can join via Google, Twitter, or email--see right hand side).  That's it!  Doozy (who is currently snoring beside me) and I will pick a winner on February 29, 2016!  

I hope all of you have a great Friday!  I am off to run a few errands. I am currently reading Fogged Inn by Barbara Ross.  Take care and Happy Reading!

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