Thursday, February 11, 2016

Warwyck's Wife by Rosalind Laker

It is White T-Shirt Day!  You wear a white t-shirt in honor the men and women who participated in the sit down strike at General Motors in 1937. The strike ended on February 11, 1937.  The strikers helped the United Auto Workers union to become the sole bargaining agent for General Motors workers.

Warwyck’s Wife by Rosalind Laker is a historical romance.  Daniel Warwyck is a pugilist.  He is in Brighton for a fight when a young woman, Kate Farringdon is being sold by her husband (and it is considered legal).  Daniel notices that his younger brother, Harry is bidding on the woman.  Daniel, who will be heading home to Warwyck Hall after the fight, believes that a wife on his arm will look good and help him in trying to convince his uncle to leave the estate to him.  Daniel knows exactly how much money Harry on him, and bid just above it.  Daniel wins Kate (Harry is upset).   Daniel has no intention taking Kate to his bed, he just wants a show wife.  When they arrive at Warwyck Hall and he finds out that he is too late to inherit Warwyck Hall.  Kate is no longer of use to him, so he gives her money and sends her on her way (much to his family’s dismay).  Daniel then sets off in his pursuit of the ultimate prize-fighting title, money, and Miss Claudine Clayton (who captured his attention in Brighton).  But what will happen when Kate enters his life again.

Warwyck’s Wife is a re-release with a pretty new cover.  I have to admit that I am a fan of Rosalind Laker’s work.  I discovered her one day when I was browsing through the library and proceeded to read through all of her books that were available.  Warwyck’s Wife is well-written and easy to read.  Ms. Laker creates good characters and brings them to life for the reader.  Warwyck’s Wife is a typical romance novel, but it is different from other books.  The setting is beautiful, entertaining characters, and an interesting period in history. Ms. Laker gives a great twist in the story that I just loved.  I give Warwyck’s Wife 4 out of 5 stars (I liked it).   If you enjoy historical, romance novels, you will enjoy reading Warwyck’s Wife.

Warwyck's Wife is available on Kindle Unlimited.  There is a follow-up book to Warwyck's Wife titled Claudine's Daughter (it is just as good).  I received a complimentary copy of Waywyck’s Wife from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

I off to finish up a couple of chores and then get ready for my shows. The 100 and Legends of Tomorrow are on tonight (as well as Grey's Anatomy, Scandal, Project Runway All Stars, and How to Get Away with Murder)!  I will read my book during the commercials (I am not a fan of idiotic commercials).  Have a great evening!  Take care, stay safe (especially if you are driving where there is snow and ice), and Happy Reading!

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