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Practical Sins for Cold Climates

Happy Saturday!  It is Lame Duck Day!  And I am not talking about a duck with an injury (can you see a little duck with crutches)!  I am talking about a politician who did not win their election in November, but he/she does not leave office until January.  They are considered a lame duck (in office but no power). Ready for some historical trivia! Elizabeth became Queen Elizabeth II on this day in 1952 upon the death of her father King George VI.  Queen Elizabeth II is England's longest reigning head of state!  In 1819 Sir Thomas Stamford Raffles founded Singapore; The Virginia Minstrels opens in New York in 1843 becoming the first minstrel show in the United States; the first patent for an integrated circuit is filed by Jack Kilby of Texas Instruments in 1959.  

Practical Sins for Cold Climates by Shelley Costa is the first book in the Val Cameron Mystery series.  Val Cameron has been sent to Lake Wendaban, Ontario Canada to get the reclusive Charles Cable to agree to let Schlesinger Publishing publish his latest book.  Val does not like remote wilderness, but she is not given a choice (she had a little bit of trouble with her last client).  Her boss, Peter Hathaway (a very odd duck with a shaved head and pajama like clothing) insists that she go (her job is on the line).  It sounds like an easy job, but if it sounds that easy it will not be!  Val tries to get Charles at a town meeting and ends up in the middle of a brawl.  Val gets knocked out and her contract destroyed.  There is unrest in the town (over development).

Wade Decker’s wife, Leslie was murdered two years previously.  The case has yet to be solved.  There is a hint that Charles might have killed her.  Val wants to make sure to do her “due diligence” with this client (unlike her last one) before she gets him to sign the contract.  Will Val be able to find the killer, clear Charles’ name, and get her contract signed?  You will have to read Practical Sins for Cold Climates to find out (such a long title). 

Practical Sins for Cold Climates is very confusing at beginning (it takes a while to start figuring things out) and the writing does not help.  Stilted (and awkward) is the word that comes to mind regarding this author’s writing style.  The book does not flow well.  The book jumps around (one minute with Val, then another character, then it jumps again).  It is like Practical Sins for Cold Climates tried to be a combination suspense novel and cozy mystery, but it did not succeed.  Practical Sins for Cold Climates was just not an enjoyable book to read.  The main character was just not someone I liked (Val), and we had too much internal dialogue (Val seems to be thinking about her lovely apartment in New York, Peter and their odd love life (yes, she was sleeping with the boss), her work, the secretary who does not like to work and the boss pays for her yoga, Peter’s odd lover (Peter is sleeping with Val and this woman) with her bald head and an oddly placed braid).  Too much was shoved into one book.  I give Practical Sins for Cold Climates 1 out of 5 stars.  I’m sorry, but I just did not like Practical Sins for Cold Climates.

The next book in the Val Cameron series is A Killer's Guide to Good Works.  It will be out in September 2016.  Now while I did not enjoy Practical Sins for Cold Climates, Shelley Costa does write another series that looks good.  Check her out on Amazon.  I received a complimentary copy of Practical Sins for Cold Climates from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

It is another wet, cold rainy day in my area.  I am staying home today (I had to go out yesterday).  I hope the weather in your area is not so nasty (it really messes up weekend plans).  I am reading I'll See You in Paris by Michelle Gable (it is awful).  Have a nice, relaxing Saturday!  Stay warm and Happy Reading!

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