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Antiques Fate

It is Take Your Daughter to Work Day!  Have you ever tried this?   It is also Kiss Your Mate Day (I bet many people like this day)! Make sure to give your significant other special kiss today!  Do your pets let you know when they want something?  It is funny how each of my dogs have a different way of letting me know what they want.  Doozy is very direct.  Wolfie gets her point across, but she is indirect and sweet.  Today she was directly in my path (laying down) and would not move.  She happened to be in front of the water bowl.  Want to guess what was empty?  Wants I filled it up (with ice water from the fridge because they do not like tap water), she moved out of the way!

Antiques Fate by Barbara Allan is the tenth book in the Trash n’ Treasure Mystery series.    Brandy Borne is enjoying some quiet time with her boyfriend, Tony Cassato (Chief of Police in Serenity) when they are interrupted by Brandy’s mother, Vivian.  Vivian is excited because she was just hired to perform her one woman MacBeth (with hats) at the Old York annual fete (the play is as ridiculous as it sounds).  Vivian will perform at the New Vic Theater (replica of Old Victorian Theater in England) in Old York.  Of course, this means that Brandy will be going to Old York with her mother.  Brandy is the one who hands her mother the various hats and her designated driver (Vivian had her license taken away).  They arrive in Old York and meet with the New Vic Theater owner, Millicent Marlowe (prefers Millie).  Millie gives them a tour of the theater and they meet her grandson, Chad Marlow (Artistic Director for theater).  Then Millie drops dead.  Vivian uses her phone to contact Sheriff Rudder (who Vivian has on speed dial).  Was Millie’s death accidental or intentional?  Turns out that there is a controversy in the town.  Millie was on the Boards of Trustees for the town which has six members.  Half are for keeping the town quaint and old-fashioned (which draws in tourists).  The other three members want to allow changes (modernization) to the town.  With the vote always 3 to 3 nothing gets done.  Is someone trying to change that outcome?  Unfortunately, Millie’s death is just the first (three more to follow).  Vivian decides she must investigate and insists that Brandy help her.  Can they find the killer in time?  Will people enjoy Vivian’s rendition of MacBeth?

Antiques Fate was just too ridiculous (daffy) for me to enjoy.  Vivian’s character is extremely over-the-top (daft) and annoying.  It is her way or the highway.  The book is told from a first-person perspective mostly from Brandy’s point-of-view, but Vivian is allowed a few chapters to rant (mostly about herself and how she is right).  Brandy comes across as a lackey doing her mother’s bidding.  The mystery was the best part of the novel.  It was complex with twists and turns (I loved it).  It is a shame that the rest of the novel was not of the same standard.  I just did not enjoy the ridiculousness (it just seemed farfetched).   I give Antiques Fate 3 out of 5 stars (because of the mystery).  I have tried to like this series, but it is just not for me (other people will love it).  Antiques Fate can be read alone.  The author does a good job of filling in the readers on the characters and what has happened previously (the main details).  The ending leaves us with a clue on the sparks that will fly in the next novel.

Other novels in the Trash n' Treasure Mystery series are Antiques Roadkill, Antiques Maul, Antiques Flee Market, Antiques Bizarre, Antiques Knock-Off, Antiques Disposal, Antiques Chop, Antiques Con, and Antiques Swap.  Christmas stories in this series are Antiques Slay Ride, Antiques Fruitcake, and Antiques St. Nicked. I received a complimentary copy of Antiques Fate from NetGalley (and the publisher) in exchange for an honest evaluation of the novel.

I am currently reading Fading Starlight by Kathryn Cushman (lovely book).  Thank you so much for visiting and reading my latest review.  Have an enjoyable evening!  Take care and Happy Reading!

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