Saturday, April 16, 2016

From Here to Home

For those of you that are Outlander fans you are familiar with the Battle of Culloden.  It is the last stand of the Scottish Jacobites. The battle occured on this day, April 16 in 1746.  This one battle ruined a way of life for the Scottish people.  For a funny historical tidbit, in 1943 scientist Albert Hofmann while doing research in his lab accidentally touches and absorbs a small amount of LSD taking him on a two hour hallucinogenic journey (he was tripping).  It was the first ever LSD incident (I have to admit that this one had me laughing).  

From Here to Home by Marie Bostwick is a Too Much, Texas Novel.  Mary Dell Templeton currently lives in Dallas, Texas with her son, Howard where they do their television show Quintessential Quilting.  The network, though, has decided to change things up (major changes going on at House and Home Network).  They have decided to get rid of Howard and give Mary Dell a younger co-host (who knows nothing about quilting).  Mary Dell is afraid that Howard will be upset, instead, Howard is thrilled.  He wants a change and this is his opportunity.  Howard wants to get his own apartment and take college classes.  Mary Dell is happy for Howard, but she will also miss him.  Then Mary Dell gets a call that things are not rosy at home in Too Much, Texas.  Her niece, Cady has been taking care of things in Mary Dell’s absence (the quilt shop, the F-Bar-T Ranch, her family, and Taffy).  Taffy is eighty-five years old and has started acting a little loopy.  Mary Dell’s nephew, Rob Lee is also being sent back to Too Much.  Rob Lee has had a difficult time since returning to the states from Afghanistan (drinking too much, anger issues).  Mary Dell is hoping she can help him.  Mary Dell convinces the network (well, the guy that is on his way out) to move the show to Too Much. 

Holly Silva (twenty-five) is up for the co-host job on Quintessential Quilting.  The new executive is glad that she cannot quilt.  He is hoping to tank to show (the only way out of the contract) and replace it with something he wants (which he will let Holly host).  Holly is supposed to cooperate, but she does not think she can do that.  She packs up and moves to Too Much where she is greeted warmly.  Cady and friends find out that Holly cannot quilt, they start giving her lessons.  They are going to help her succeed (which means success for Mary Dell, the quilt shop, and the town).  Rob Lee and Holly have instant chemistry.  But is Rob Lee ready to move on with his life.  There is also romance in the air for Mary Dell.  However, there is one little thing standing in the way of her happiness.  Can Mary Dell and Holly make a success of the show despite the new executive’s attempt to tank it?  Will Rob Lee change his ways?  What happens when Mary Dell needs to find her long lost husband, Donny Bebee?

From Here to Home was just delightful.  I enjoyed every moment of this novel.  From Here to Home is a part of a series, but it can be a stand-alone novel (though you really should read the other books).  From Here to Home has fun, quirky characters, a quaint small town, and engaging storyline.  The ending is just wonderful (and delightful).  I did not want this book to end.  I give From Here to Home 5 out of 5 stars.  Too Much, Texas series is a spin-off from the Cobbled Court Quilt series (good series but not as enjoyable as Too Much, Texas books).  I have read the books from both series and enjoyed all of them.  Mary Dell is a special lady, and I was glad to see her get the happiness she deserves in From Here to Home.  If you are looking for a book that will make you laugh, cry, and sigh (when you finish it and close the book), then read From Here to Home.

Between Heaven and Texas is the first book in the Too Much, Texas series (a prequel to the Cobbled Court Quilt series).  I received a complimentary copy of From Here to Home from NetGalley in exchange for an honest evaluation of the novel.

Speaking of Outlander (we were at the beginning), a new episode is on tonight!  I am currently reading The Year We Turned Forty by Liz Fenton and Lisa Steinke (interesting premise but a little slow).  I hope all of you have a divine evening!  I am going to go cook my dinner (chicken on the grill). Take care and Happy Reading!

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