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Stitching a Life in Persimmon Hollow

Happy Sunday!  The beginning of a new week.  My mother was on a roll yesterday.  Her medication makes her sleepy (which can make things nice and peaceful)!  Yesterday, though, she kept waking up every hour and asking me the time. Then wanted to know what day it was and if it was a.m. or p.m. We did this all day and night!   She did not believe me that only an hour had passed since the last time she had asked.  I was glad when she finally drifted off into a deeper sleep (so I could too).  On April (I keep wanting to write March for some reason) 17 in history . . . Daffy Duck makes his first appearance in 1937 in Porky's Duck Hunt (a Looney Tunes animated short), the Ford Mustang is unveiled at the New York World's Fair in 1964 (will become Ford's biggest seller since the Model T), Geoffrey Chaucer tells his Canterbury Tales for the first time at the court of Richard II in 1397, and in 1907 Ellis Island processes 11,747 people in one day (more than any other day).  

Stitching a Life in Persimmon Hollow by Gerri Bauer is the second book in Persimmon Hollow Legacy series (set in 1888).  Josefa Gomez Rodriguez is twenty-two and wants more out of her life.  Josefa is living with her Aunt Lupita and Uncle Alfredo in Persimmon Hollow, Florida after the death of her parents and sister a year ago.  Josefa has the chance to apprentice to the dressmaker in town (it will be a two-month apprenticeship) and she takes it.  Her Aunt Lupita wants to send her to Texas to live with relatives where they will find a husband for her (which is why Josefa took the apprenticeship).  Ben Stillman is a young carpenter in the area (and will do any odd jobs) who is taken with Josefa, but he knows he has nothing to offer Josefa at this time.  Ben is busy supporting his widowed mother and sister.  Ben is also hoping to be a plant hunter (like his father).  Then Oswald Heller comes to town.  He built a big, fancy house next to Taylor Grove (where Josefa lives with her family).  Oswald (a pompous, blowhard) flatters Josefa and starts courting her.  But Oswald has a hidden agenda (an evil one).  But Josefa is flattered by Oswald’s attention (and money).  Will Josefa make the right choice?  Persimmon Hollow citizens have finally saved up enough money to build the Catholic Church.  But some people are not happy to hear that news.  Things are never dull in Persimmon Hollow.  Read Stitching a Life in Persimmon Hollow to check in with the citizens of Persimmon Hollow.

I found Stitching a Life in Persimmon Hollow to be a little slow and expected. The book is nicely written, has a lovely setting (here in Florida), and contains some entertaining characters.  I just wanted some spark or a little something that made the novel unique.  The book just plodded on to its humdrum ending.  I give Stitching a Life in Persimmon Hollow 3 out of 5 stars.  I was disappointed that the author did not tell us what happened to the scoundrel (I bet you can guess who it is).   I even went back and reread the last two chapters to make sure I did not miss it.  Stitching a Life in Persimmon Hollow does contain good messages/morals (which is the point of the book).  Maybe I am just too old and cynical (jaded) for this novel (a younger person might appreciate it more).

I received a complimentary copy of Stitching a Life in Persimmon Hollow from NetGalley (and the publisher) in exchange for an honest evaluation of the novel.

I do want you to know that my Mother drives me nuts at time, but I love her dearly.  She does keep things interesting and I would be lost without her.  Do not forget that Mother's Day is next month! Now is the time to start shopping (my mother wants a custom pair of Keds slip-on shoes). Have a delightful and relaxing day.  Take care and Happy Reading!

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