Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Cat Got Your Secrets: A Kitty Couture Mystery

Welcome!  Julie Chase is the author of A Kitty Couture Mystery series which contains Cat Got Your Diamonds, Cat Got Your Cash, and the latest Cat Got Your Secrets.  Readers can find out information about the author and her writing on her website.   Julie Chase also writes under Julie Anne Lindsey (The Geek Girl Mysteries).

Cat Got Your Secrets by Julie Chase is the third story in A Kitty Couture Mystery series.  Lacy Marie Crocker owns Furry Godmother in New Orleans, Louisiana.  It is a pet boutique and organic treat bakery that caters to all animals.  Lacy is dropping off dreidel dog treats for a bark-mitzvah at a catering hall next to The Cuddle Brigade when she notices a slew of emergency vehicles.  She gets out to inquire what is occurring and discovers that her father’s friend, Wallace Becker is dead. When Lacy discovers her father was the last person (besides the killer) to see Wallace alive, she knows she needs to act quickly.  Lacy starts delving into Wallace Becker’s life to find out who would have wanted him dead.  She needs to work in her investigation in between baking pet treats, creating costumes, helping with the preparations for the party honoring her father, and her NPP Welcoming Committee commitments (thanks to her mother).  In addition, there are her two suitors, Chase Hawthorne and Detective Jack Oliver. 

Cat Got Your Secrets was easy to read and had a good pace.  I did feel that the murder occurred too early in the book (right at the beginning) which makes the book feel long.  Cat Got Your Secrets can be read alone.  Everything a reader needs to know is provided in the story.  I felt the author tried to stuff too much into one book.  There are numerous people and animals introduced (along with wacky costumes for the pets).  None of the human characters are fully developed (very superficial).  There are details missing from the story (an example is the father’s first name).  I am rating Cat Got Your Secrets 2 out of 5 stars (just not for me).  Lacy is a difficult character to like (and lacks depth).  She is 30 going on 16 (I might be giving her too much credit).  Lacy has unreasonable expectations, runs around like the Roadrunner, overreacts to every little thing, breaks laws, etc.  There is just one zany antic after another.  Then there is her demanding mother (a woman who loves parties and events).  The mystery is not complicated, and it is easily solved early in the novel (one clue will give it away).  There was a repetition of information especially in the beginning.  Cat Got Your Secrets failed to capture and hold my attention.  I wanted more substance and less wackiness.  I am not the right audience for A Kitty Couture Mystery seriesCat Got Your Secrets will be out on September 12.  Please remember that while this cozy mystery was not to my liking, each reader is different.  Things I did not enjoy, other readers will find entertaining!  That is the beauty of books!

I appreciate you visiting today and reading my latest review.  I have spent the last two days preparing for Hurricane Irma (checking the roof, stocking up on supplies, gassing up the car, getting prescriptions refilled, etc.).  You would think with all the technology at our disposable, they could find a way to dissipate these type of storms.  I will be sharing my thoughts on Deadly Brew by Karen MacInerney next time.  May each of you have a wonderful Wednesday.  Take care, stay safe, and Happy Reading!

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