Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Wagging Through the Snow: A Melanie Travis Mystery

Wagging Through the Snow by Laurien Berenson is A Melanie Travis novella (technically it is the twenty-first book in the series).  Melanie Travis is enjoying a quiet Saturday when her brother, Frank visits.  It turns out that he made an impulsive purchase of Haney’s Holiday Home (a Christmas tree lot) in Wilton, Connecticut without the knowledge of his business partner, Bob (Melanie’s ex-husband).  The family troops out to examine the property and finds the buildings are dilapidated.  Everyone will need to work quickly to get it up and running for the Christmas season.  Davey and Kevin come running inside.  They heard a strange whimpering noise in among the trees.  The noise is coming from a cute little Maltese hidden under a dead body.  The victim is a local homeless man named Pete who had trouble with alcohol.  It looks like Pete was killed by a falling tree limb but appearances can be deceiving.  Melanie with Aunt Peg’s assistance (of course) sets out to discover more about Pete and who could have wished him harm.  Can Melanie wrap up this case before Santa comes sliding down the chimney or will she find herself stuffed in a body bag?

Wagging Through the Snow is well-written, engaging and has a good pace (which makes for an easy to read story).  I like the characters and most especially the lively dogs.  There is just the right amount and type of humor in this delightful tale.  There were some definite laugh out loud moments.  My rating for Wagging Through the Snow is 5 out of 5 stars (I loved it).  It is short, but packed full of action.  The mystery was compelling and the elements are revealed as the story progresses.  One clue gave away the identity of the killer to me.  I think many readers will be surprised when the culprit is revealed.  I was glad that the story was not rushed (it happens frequently in short stories).  The ending was heartwarming.  Wagging Through the Snow is my favorite A Melanie Travis Mystery.  This delightful cozy has engaging characters, good mystery, adorable dogs, humor, family, friends, and the spirit of Christmas.    

I appreciate you visiting today and reading my review.  I will be sharing my thoughts on These Healing Hills by Ann H. Gabhart on Wednesday.  May you have a jovial day.  Take care and Happy Reading!

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