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Be Our Ghost by Kate Kingsbury

Welcome!  In the Shadow of Croft Towers by Abigail Wilson will be out on January 15 along with Death Roll by Diana Welker (I will feature on January 18).  Did you know that Wanda E. Brunstetter is on You-Tube?  You can follow Wanda and other authors.  There is a trailer for The Forgiving Jar which will be out on February 5.

Be Our Ghost by Kate Kingsbury is the third tale in A Merry Ghost Inn Mystery series.  Melanie West and Liza Harris own the Merry Ghost Inn in Sully’s Landing, Oregon.  Jason Northwood, a developer, wants to build an arcade in town with video & pinball machines, karaoke, a bar and much more.  Northwood would need a variance from the Planning Commission and city councilors to proceed with his plan.  The day after Northwood held a special event for the people who will vote on his request, he is found dead from a stab wound to the heart.  Doug Griffith was vocal against Northwood’s project and had a history with the developer which puts him at the top the police’s suspect list.  Liza and Melanie with help from their resident ghost, Orville set out to prove Doug’s innocence.  Then their dog, Max vanishes from outside the bakery only to reappear several hours later with a warning note attached.  This just makes the duo more determined to catch the guilty party.  Melanie and Liza are out asking questions when the brakes give out on their car.  Thankfully, they drive into bushes instead of over the cliff.  When Liza goes missing, Orville provides a pivotal clue.  Can Melanie get to Liza in time? 

Be Our Ghost is a lighthearted cozy mystery.  Melanie West and Liza Harris own the Merry Ghost Inn which is haunted by Orville.  I enjoy the paranormal elements and would love to have more ghostly interactions.  I am also curious to know more about Orville.  I do not understand why Melanie criticizes Orville nor do I like it.  There are many cozy moments with cooking, eating, gardening and chatting.  Tea is consumed in large quantities.  I was happy that Liza and Melanie actively investigated the murder.  They questioned various people around town, but they need to work on their technique.  There is misdirection and pointed clues.  Readers will have no problem solving this whodunit before the reveal.  I wish we had been given better closure on the case instead of supposition (what they think happened instead of facts).  The ladies are told numerous times to stay out of the investigation which they do not heed (you would think they would be a little wary).  Melanie is also searching for her mother.  They finally have a lead and Melanie is hopeful.  I could have done without the numerous descriptions of Cindi Metzger’s clothing and the lamenting on her tardiness.  She wears unique outfits each day which are described in detail.  There is a Blueberry French Toast recipe at the end of the book.  I am giving Be Our Ghost 3 out of 5 stars.  If you are looking for an ethereal and easy to read cozy mystery with a supernatural element, then Be Our Ghost is for you.
A Literal Mess (An Allie Cobb Mystery Book 1) by [Kenney, J.C.]
Dead and Breakfast along with Doom with a View are the first two books in A Merry Ghost Inn Mystery series.  I want to thank you for visiting today.  I will be spotlighting A Literal Mess by J.C. Kenney tomorrow.  It is the debut book in An Allie Cobb Mystery series.  I hope you have a dazzling day.  Take care of yourself and Happy Reading!

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