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Address for Murder by Tonya Kappes

Address For Murder (A Mail Carrier Cozy Mystery #2)
Good Day!  Tonya Kappes has written more than fifty southern cozy mysteries.  She is best known for stories with southern charm, humor, emotion, and flawed characters.  Tonya lives with her husband in Northern Kentucky. Her house is much quiet now that her four boys have flown the nest. Tonya writes A Killer Coffee Mystery series, A Magical Cures Mystery series, A Camper & Criminal Cozy Mystery series, and A Kenni Lowry Mystery series.  Readers can find Tonya and her books here on Amazon.  Tonya is on Facebook, and Twitter.  You can visit her website for more information about the author, her books and to sign up for her newsletter.
Lady Postman circa 1880s
Address for Murder by Tonya Kappes returns readers to Sugar Creek Gap, Kentucky.  Bernadette Butler is a mail carrier who cares about her customers.  She takes the time to chat with the residents on her route and help them out when they need a little something extra.  Bernadette heard that Lee Macum is not eating properly, so she picks up some food from her parents’ diner to deliver to him along with the mail.  She also makes sure to have some dog biscuits in her pocket for his fur baby, Buster.  Carla Ramey is the president of the Beautification Committee and she is working diligently to make sure the town will win the Make Kentucky Colorful award.  There will be not be messy yards or weeds on her watch if she has her way.  The only problem is Lee Macum and his yard of “treasures”.  One morning Bernadette notices Buster in the post office parking lot.  She takes him to Lee’s house to find the gate open as well as the front door (uh oh).  Bernadette finds Lee dead in an empty spot in his living room with a stamp in his hand.  She quickly calls 9-1-1 and Sheriff Angie is quick to arrive.  When Bernadette is told that Lee died from foul play, she rallies Vince and the Front Porch Ladies so they can expose the killer. 
The Merry Dressmaker: The Progressive Era: A Portrait of a Lady
Address for Murder by Tonya Kappes is the second A Mail Carrier Cozy Mystery.   It can be read as a standalone, but I recommend reading Stamped Out first (it is such a charming book).  Tonya Kappes has given us another engaging cozy mystery.  Bernadette Butler is fifty years old and a widow who lives in a farmhouse outside town with her cat, Rowena.  Bernadette is a kind woman who cares about her friends, family and those on her postal route.  If someone is ill, she takes them chicken soup.  Bernadette especially makes sure that the older folks on her route are alright.  She inquires about their health, their families and their day (I wish she was my postal carrier).  When she discovers Buster, Lee Macum’s dog, behind the post office, she adjusts her mail route to return him.  Bernadette finds his gate open and the door open.  She is distressed to find Lee dead in his overcrowded living room.  Bernadette liked the cranky man and is determined to find who murdered him.  She gets assistance from Vince at the senior living facility and the Front Porch Ladies who live on the same street as Lee.  While I could easily identify the guilty party, there were some clever aspects to the crime (I just love a unique whodunit).  I was curious to see how this tale would play out and see Bernadette get justice for Lee.  The Front Porch Ladies are so cute, and they add levity to the story.  Vince uses his FBI contacts and database to help Bernadette get information on her suspects.  Tonya Kappes has an engaging writing style.  It reminds me of talking to an old friend.  I started reading and did not stop until I finished the story.  Romance is in the air for Bernadette with her old friend, Mac Tabor.  The trick is seeing if they can transition their friendship into a relationship.  I liked the scenes with Rowena and Buster.  The author captured how cats and dogs react when they first meet.  The dogs are excited while the cat hisses and raises its back with fur standing on end.  There are lovely heartwarming moments in Address for Murder along with a special surprise.  I look forward to reading the next installment in A Mail Carrier Cozy Mystery series.  Address for Murder is a delightful story with swift scuttlebutt, a cute canine, an astonishing announcement, unwanted weeds, and a compassionate mail carrier.  
Getting the Mail to Your Home Is Way More Complex Than You Might Think
Address for Murder can be purchased here* (Amazon UK).  It is on Kindle Unlimited for those who are members or thinking about joining.  Stamped Out is also available on Amazon (and through Kindle Unlimited).  Thank you for reading my review today.  Since tomorrow is Sunday (the day I share books that I was unable to when they were released), I am featuring The Liverpool Girls by Pam Howes.  I hope that you have an enchanting day. Take care and Happy Reading!

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