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'Tis the Season Murder by Leslie Meier

'Tis the Season Murder (A Lucy Stone Mystery)
Happy Christmas Eve!  I just love the cover of 'Tis the Season Murder with the elf and the deceased one's legs sticking out of the box.  I will be spending the day stuffing gifts into gift bags (something I do everything Christmas Eve).  For some reason, I always forget about the wrapping part.  I will then spend the afternoon at my sister's house.  It is such a long trip!  I have to go down to the end of the street, make a left, turn right at the second road and travel to the end of the block.  Barely enough time to listen to a page in my audio book.  Are you ready for the big day?  I am hoping the last gift for my mother will arrive today (keep your fingers crossed).
‘Tis the Season Murder by Leslie Meier contains two previously published Lucy Stone holiday mysteries.  New Year’s Eve Murder has Elizabeth and Lucy traveling to Manhattan.  Elizabeth won winter mother/daughter makeovers from Jolie magazine along with five other pairs.  The winning mother/daughter team receives $10,000 which will help with Elizabeth’s unexpectedly high tuition bill.  Lucy is looking forward to some pampering, but instead finds herself searching for a killer.
Dickens' "Bob Cratchit's Christmas Dinner" by Harold Copping {c.early 1900's}
Christmas Carol Murder has Lucy Stone acting as Mrs. Cratchit in the Community Player’s production of A Christmas Carol.  Tinker’s Cove has their own version of A Christmas Carol going on in.  The economy has taken a downswing and many of the town’s residents are having a hard time.  Downeast Mortgage owned by Jacob Marlowe and Ben Scribner are foreclosing on numerous properties which has led to the demonstration being held that day.  Lucy is shocked to see her daughter, Sara taking part.  There is a big boom and Jacob Marlowe’s house is in flames with him inside.  The suspect list is longer than Santa’s naughty list and Ben Scribner is quaking in his boots worried he will be next.  Can Lucy wrap up this case before the holidays or will it be a blue Christmas for Tinker’s Cove?
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‘Tis the Season Murder by Leslie Meier contains two Lucy Stone holiday mysteries.  Christmas Carol Murder (Book Twenty) and New Year’s Eve Murder (Book Twelve) give us a look back at Lucy at different stages in her life.  While I had read both books previously, it did not hinder my enjoyment.  I had a good time reading about Lucy’s adventures.  New Year’s Eve Murder has Lucy and Elizabeth heading to Manhattan for a winter makeover that Elizabeth won from Jolie magazine.  There are some humorous situations in this story that had me giggling.  Lucy was looking forward to spa treatments and instead receives harsh criticism from Jolie magazines editors.  Her lobster watch and duck boots garnered quite a bit of attention.  Christmas Carol Murder has Lucy taking to the stage in the local production of A Christmas Carol as Mrs. Cratchit.  When Jacob Marlowe ends up dead, many of the town’s residents believe it is karma.  Jacob and his partner, Ben Scribner at Downeast Mortgage have been raking in the dough with the foreclosure of properties (and then selling them off for a profit).  Lucy has her work cut out for her if she is going to solve this crime.  The suspect is longer than Eloise’s Christmas list (I like the movie version with Julie Andrews playing Nanny).  I found both stories to be well-written and engaging.  It amazes me at how far Lucy Stone has come since Mistletoe Murder.  There is a preview of Invitation Only Murder at the end.   If you are looking for two entertaining Christmas cozy mysteries, then check out ‘Tis the Season Murder. ‘Tis the Season Murder has murder, mayhem and merriment.
'Tis the Season Murder as well as the other A Lucy Stone Mysteries are available on Amazon* (Amazon UK).  You can find a complete list of A Lucy Stone Mysteries here. I hope that you and your family have a very jolly holiday season.  Take care, stay safe and Happy Reading!

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