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An Amish Christmas Promise by Jo Ann Brown

An Amish Christmas Promise (Green Mountain Blessings #1)
Welcome!  I am featuring author Jo Ann Brown today.  Jo Ann Brown is a lifelong storyteller and the award-winning author of numerous romantic novels.  Jo Ann Brown also writes under Marianne Ellis*.  Jo Ann is a former U.S. Army officer and she taught creative writing at Brown University.  She lives in Nevada with her family which includes one spoiled cat.  You can find a list of books here on Amazon and on her website.
Mennonite Disaster Service (Lititz, PA)
An Amish Christmas Promise by Jo Ann Brown takes us to Evergreen Corners, Vermont.    Carolyn Wiebe along with her nice and nephew live in this small Mennonite town where thanks to Hurricane Kevin flood waters decimated many of the buildings.  Reporters descended upon the town filming the destruction along with interviewing people.  Carolyn is worried that Leland Reber may find them now that he is living as an Englischer.  Carolyn promised her sister that she would keep the kids safe from their abusive father plus she does not want them growing up in toxic atmosphere as she and her sister did.  Michael Miller, an Amish carpenter, comes to town with Amish Helping Hands to help build homes in conjunction with Mennonite Disaster Services.  Michael is going to use the next three months to help him decide upon his future.  He steps off the bus and encounters Carolyn whose lovely smile captivates him. As Michael works on Carolyn’s new home, they grow closer.  Carolyn is wary of trusting a man after her father and Leland.  Michael holds himself back after recently having his heart broken.  Is it possible for this two to have a future together considering the obstacles?
RV Program |  Mennonite Disaster Service
An Amish Christmas Promise by JoAnn Brown is the first installment in Green Mountain Blessings series.  I enjoyed reading this touching Amish story.  Carolyn Wiebe is a woman who is doing what it takes to keep her niece, Rose Ann and nephew, Kevin safe from their abusive father.  Kevin and Rose Ann are active, kind children.  I like that Carolyn is teaching them about God, the Bible and how to live a life of faith.  Michael Miller is an Amish carpenter from Harmony Creek Hollow is not sure what he wants to do.  He feels unsettled and unsure if he wishes to become baptized in the Amish faith.  He had a woman break his heart and is wary of trusting another with his heart.  Carolyn and the kids were doing well until the flood waters destroyed their home.  They lost everything but Carolyn manages to stay upbeat and calm (she is a better person than me).  Carolyn believes that God does things for a reason and that He will provide for them.  There are good life lessons and messages in An Amish Christmas Promise.  We get to see the devastating effects of hurricane floodwaters and how a community can come together to help each other in a time of need.  We see how life can change in an instant.  It was interesting to learn about Mennonite Disaster Services and Amish Helping Hands.  These are wonderful organizations with thoughtful, hardworking volunteers.  There are three phrases that I wanted to share from the An Amish Christmas Promise.  “Trust in the Lord with all your heart” and “God is always watching over you” are two that I want to remember.  The third one is “It’s not an easy task to ask others for help”.  I am guilty of this because I dislike asking for assistance.  An Amish Christmas Promise is a poignant story.  
At an Amish barn raising, a helping hand holds a brother from falling off edge , while he nails metal roof to barn rafters.
An Amish Christmas Promise is available in paperback now and comes out in ebook version* on December 1 (Amazon UK).  The next book in Green Mountain Blessings series is An Amish Easter Wish which comes out April 1, 2020 and is available for pre-order.  Thank you for joining me today.  I hope you have a chipper day. I will return tomorrow to share my thoughts on Meg and Jo by Virginia Kantra.  Take care, stay warm and Happy Reading!

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