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Matchmaking Can Be Murder by Amanda Flower

Matchmaking Can Be Murder (An Amish Matchmaker Mystery #1)
Everything You Need to Know About the Boer Goat - Wide Open Pets
Matchmaking Can Be Murder by Amanda Flower takes readers to Harvest, Ohio.  Millie Fisher is sixty-seven year old widow who moved back to Harvest from Michigan at the beginning of the year.  Millie has a knack for matching up couples.  She just knows when two people belong together.  Millie is worried about her niece, Edith who is betrothed to Zeke Miller.  She knows that Zeke is the wrong man for Edith and wants to find a way to talk to her niece about her choice. Millie is surprised and relieved when Edith tells her that she is planning on calling off the wedding when Zeke returns to town that afternoon.  On Sunday when Edith fails to show up for church, Millie knows something is wrong.  She rushes to Edith’s where she finds her in the greenhouse standing over a dead Zeke Miller.  Millie knows she needs to solve this case if she is to keep Edith from going down for the crime. 
A backroad getaway in Holmes County, Ohio, reveals the quiet life and artistry of Amish shops, restaurants and homes.
Matchmaking Can Be Murder is the debut of An Amish Matchmaker Mystery series.  It is a spin-off of An Amish Candy Shop Mystery series set in Harvest, Ohio with chocolatier, Bailey King operating Swissmen Sweets with the aid of her grandmother and cousin.  I thoroughly enjoyed reading Matchmaking Can Be Murder.  Millie Fisher is a spry sixty-seven year old woman who is a widow living on her own.  Her sister for whom she was caring for the last ten years recently passed away, so Millie has moved back her hometown of Harvest, Ohio.  Millie is a warm and likeable protagonist who has two mischievous goats named Peter and Phillip.  They are Boer goats who provide many laugh out loud moments especially when chasing the bishop’s wife, Ruth.  I like that the author took the time to develop the main characters and establish the setting.  She provided us with lavish descriptions which brought the story alive for me.  Millie reconnects with her old friend, Lois Henry.  The pair are as opposite as they can be, but they make a great team.  There are some familiar characters from An Amish Candy Shop Mystery series in Matchmaking Can Be Murder.  Juliet Brody and her polka dotted pig, Jethro along with Deputy Aiden Brody, Bailey and a couple of others pop up when Millie is in Harvest.  The mystery was thought out and developed.  It is a clever whodunit that will have readers guessing up until the reveal (I just loved it). Many armchair sleuths will be surprised by the killer’s identity.  Millie and Lois worked to prove Edith’s innocence.  Their investigation was entertaining, and I was giggling frequently.  I thought it was clever for Lois to nickname Millie the Amish Marple.  Matchmaking Can Be Murder is an entertaining cozy mystery that I did not want to end.  It was a pleasure to read this story and I am very eager for the next tale in this delightful new cozy mystery series.  Millie has a couple of matchmaking requests to handle plus she just matched herself with an adorable kitten named Peaches.  Matchmaking Can Be Murder has galloping goats, cavorting kittens, generous gossip, several secrets, and a meddling Amish Miss Marple.  
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You can find Matchmaking Can Be Murder at Amazon* (Amazon UK) and other booksellers that carry cozy mysteries.  You can find An Amish Candy Shop Mystery series here (five titles at this time).  I hope that you have a happy and safe New Year Holiday!  I will return on January 2 with my review of Murder Ink by Lorraine Bartlett with Gayle Leeson.  It is the 6th A Victoria Square Mystery.

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