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The Liverpool Girls by Pam Howes

The Liverpool Girls (Mersey, #3)
Welcome!  On Sunday's I highlight books that I was unable to review when they were released.  Today I am sharing The Liverpool Girls by Pam Howes*.  Pam Howes was born in Cheshire, England.  She is an interior designer who began writing seriously in the 1990s.  Pam's first novel is set in the 1960s and inspired from her time as a teenager when she worked in a local record store.  She hung out with musicians who were in the industry and continues to be a fan of music from the 60s.  Pam is the mother of three adult daughters, has seven grandchildren and roadie to one musician partner.  In addition to The Mersey Series, Pam has written The Lark Lane series.  Readers can follow Pam Howes on Facebook and Twitter (@PamHowes1).
Lewis's department store in Liverpool. General view of the sales floor in the1960's
Lewis's Department Store
Summary of Book

The Liverpool Girls by Pam Howes takes us back to 1966 in Liverpool, England.  Jackie Evans lives at home with their mother, Dora.  Jackie is studying her O levels, but she would rather be studying drama which is her passion.  Jackie dreams of a career on the stage.  Mrs. Faraday offers Jackie the job of setting up the St. Paul’s Players for the church.    Carol Evans has a job at Lewis’s Department Store and loves the new Mod fashions.  She still lives with her father, Joe and his new wife, ivy.  Carol has been dating Alex who has been standoffish as of late.  The two sisters soon learn that they have been dating the same man.  When one of them becomes pregnant, a rift forms between the sisters.  Dora and Joe, the girls’ parents want to help them during this trying time.  They must find a way to overcome the past if they are to help their daughters.  The situation escalates until a decision can cause a dangerous consequence.  Can the sibling bond be restored?  How will things turn out for the Evans family?
Fashion 60s 1960s Shape 26+ Ideas #fashion
Mad for Mod Fashions
My Review

The Liverpool Girls by Pam Howes is the third book in The Mersey Series.  It can be read as a standalone for those new to the series.  I have read all the books which I found beneficial to understanding the characters and what they have experienced.  I enjoyed reading this historical saga.  I thought the characters were developed and realistic for the time period.  Pam Howes captured the era (the late 60s) especially with her descriptions of the clothes, the music, the theater, and the slang.  The problems the Evans family faced were representative of the 1960s.  We see that choices have consequences especially when a decision is not thought through completely.  Carol grew into a stylish young woman who lived with her father and his new wife, Ivy.  She has a job she enjoys at Lewis’s and is stepping out with Alex.  Jackie is sixteen and living with her mother, Dora.  She is completing her schooling while dreaming of being on the stage.  Jackie is dating Sandy.  Lo and behold, Alex and Sandy are the same person.  Personally, I would have ditched the cheating so and so.  These sisters fight for the man which is what causes numerous problems.  I liked stepping back in time to see how people lived and how they handled different situations like a pregnant unwed daughter.  The Liverpool Girls is an emotional story that will tug at your heartstrings.  It all came together with a worthy ending.  The Liverpool Girls is a dramatic tale with sibling strife, boyfriend bruhaha, the swingin’ sixties, pestiferous pregnancy, heartrending hubbub, and lasting love.
Sandy/Alex worked here!
The Liverpool Girls can be purchased here* (Amazon UK).  The Lost Daughter of Liverpool and The Forgotten Family of Liverpool are the first two books in The Mersey Series.  If you enjoy historical novels, there is still time to win a digital copy of Christmas is for Children by Rosie Clarke.  Leave me a comment with your email address (so I can contact you if you win). The contest ends when the New Year begins (EST United States).  You can email me your information at if you prefer.  Thank you for stopping in today.  I will be back tomorrow to feature Husband Material by Emily Belden. I hope you have a merry day.  Take care and Happy Reading!


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