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The Book of Candlelight by Ellery Adams

The Book of Candlelight (Secret, Book, & Scone Society, #3)
The Book of Candlelight by Ellery Adams has Nora Pennington who owns Miracle Books in Miracle Springs, North Carolina with more business than she can handle courtesy of the continuous rain.  It has left her shelves looking a little bare.  Nora heads to the flea market to pick up some shelf enhancers.  While shopping, Nora purchases a beautiful bowl for Jed’s barren kitchen (her EMT boyfriend) from Cherokee Danny, a local potter.  The rain continues to deluge the town causing the footbridge to collapse.  Thanks to an accident on her bike, Nora is once again at the flea market.  On her way home, she looks into the river to see the debris from the broken footbridge along with a body.  The victim is identified as Cherokee Danny.  Sheriff Grant McCabe and Nora doubt that Danny slipped in the rain and fell into the river.  Nora calls a meeting of the Secret, Book and Scone Society so they can begin searching for answers for Danny’s wife, Marie.  An unexpected discovery at the Inn of Mists and Roses provides Nora with an astonishing clue.  When a second victim turns up, the ladies know they need to solve this case quickly before the killer strikes again.
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The Book of Candlelight by Ellery Adams is the third A Secret, Book and Scone Society Novel.  It can easily be read on its own for those new to this charming cozy mystery series.  Nora Pennington started life over in Miracle Springs, North Carolina.  Nora owns Miracle Books, lives in a cute caboose, has four close friends and a handsome EMT boyfriend.  The continual rain has tourists hitting the shops.  Nora is run off her feet with customers.  While she is enjoying the increased revenue, Nora is worn out plus her shelves are barren.  Nora discovers the body of Cherokee Danny in the Miracle River among the footbridge wreckage.  She is baffled as to why anyone would kill the kindly potter.  Nora along with June, Hester and Estella make up the Secret, Book and Scone Society.  They meet each week to chat, discuss books and solve the occasional crime.  I like the diverse cast of characters in The Book of Candlelight.  Each of the four women have issues from their past that trouble them.  I like how close these women have become and that they are there for each other.  They help each other out, are supportive of one other and how they help others.  The mystery was intriguing with two murders for the ladies to solve.  Native American folklore played into the mystery especially the symbolism of the red bird.  I like that the mystery tied into the past.  The author created an interesting whodunit with an abundance of clues to help readers identify the guilty party.  There were additional mysterious elements in The Book of Candlelight with the cagey man in the white t-shirt and someone who was committing outrageous crimes (hate crimes).  Sheldon Silverstein Vega is a new character and he is absolutely delightful.  He is over-the-top with a friendly demeanor.  The poor man suffers from rheumatoid arthritis and fibromyalgia which causes him untold pain at times.  I like Sheldon and understood his pain as I have the same conditions.  I am glad that Sheldon will be staying in Miracle Springs because I want to see more of this extrovert.   I loved the clever banned book display Sheldon created.  It was unique and brings attention to the various (sometimes idiotic) reasons a book may be banned.  The Book of Candlelight is an emotional and realistic story that was over far too soon.  There is about a dozen bad words (aka foul language) in this book which surprised me.  I am not used to finding foul language in books written by this author.  The Book of Candlelight is a charming whodunit with banned books, a gregarious gentleman, a discovered diary, an ingenious exhibition, spooky symbolism, and four familiar friends.
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The Book of Candlelight is available at  Amazon* along with other major booksellers (Kobo, iBooks, Barnes & Noble).  You can find The Secret, Book and Scone Society as well as The Whispered Word here.  Thank you for joining me today.  I will return tomorrow to review Buried to the Brim by Jenn McKinlay tomorrow.  It is the sixth A Hat Shop Mystery.  I hope that you have an enchanting day.  Take care and Happy Reading!

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