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The Innkeeper's Bride by Kathleen Fuller

The Innkeeper's Bride (An Amish Brides of Birch Creek Novel Book 3) by [Fuller, Kathleen]
Welcome!  Kathleen Fuller is a bestselling author of Amish fiction.  She is a wife, mother, crafter, coffee addict, football fan and chocolate aficionado. 
The Inn at Amish Acres
The Innkeeper’s Bride by Kathleen Fuller takes us back to Birch Creek, Ohio.  Selah Ropp has returned to town and is living with her brother, Christian and his wife, Ruby.  Selah is doing better and glad that no one is aware of why she left.  Selah now wants to find a job so she can get her own home.  She is fortunate to obtain a position at Stoll Inn where she finds herself working closely with Levi Stoll.  Selah is attracted to Levi, but she is determined to remain single.  Selah feels that she is a bad judge of men after what happened, and that no man will want her if he learns her secret.  Levi must take over the running of the family’s new inn just before the opening after his father breaks his leg.  Selah is the first woman to capture his attention.  He would like to get to know Selah better, but she keeps a distance between herself and others.  Levi is also afraid of showing Selah attention and capturing his grandmother’s attention.  Delilah would not hesitate to start meddling in his love life like she has in the past.  Will Levi and Selah come together on their own or will they need a little nudge? 
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The Innkeeper’s Bride by Kathleen Fuller is the third novel The Amish Brides of Birch Creek.  It can be read on its own if you have not read The Teacher’s Bride and The Farmer’s Bride.  I found The Innkeeper’s Bride to be well-written with realistic characters.  I liked that the characters had their own struggles, doubts and fears.  Selah suffers from clinical depression which is not uncommon.  Depression is hard to understand unless you suffer from it yourself.  Selah feels ashamed that that she has depression and needs the aid of medication and a health professional.  She also made a mistake with a man and does not want the unfortunate incident brought to light.  Levi has his own doubts and has made mistakes in the past.  She wonders if working at the inn is the right job for him.  Levi would like to get to know Selah better, but he does not want his family to know.  His sister, Nina will tease him and his grandmother, Delilah will meddle.  Cevilla Schlabach has tried to be patient while she has waited for Richard to make a life changing decision.  Unfortunately, after spending her whole adult life single, Cevilla finds she is no longer content.  Cevilla is afraid to tell Richard how she feels.  I love the relationship between Richard and Cevilla.  They are an adorable couple.  I have enjoyed their relationship.  Cevilla and Delilah have become friends (of sort).  Delilah has been doing a little meddling and barges in on Cevilla to get her feedback as well as complain when things do not go as she expected.  There are some humorous moments between the two of them and I like their conspiring.  Jackson Talbot and his father, Trevor are in The Innkeeper’s Bride.  Trevor Talbot owns the Stay Inn which has been the only place to stay in Birch Creek until now.  He does not like this new competition and sends Jackson to get intel on the Stoll Inn.  I like Jackson and his journey.  I would like to see more of Jackson.  I enjoyed reading The Innkeeper’s Bride in which the author gave us delightful characters and a beautiful setting along with faith and humor.  I like how Kathleen Fuller incorporate faith into the story.  I am hoping that we get Nina Stoll’s story next time.  The Innkeeper’s Bride is a charming, witty tale (of course, I expect nothing less from Kathleen Fuller).
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The Innkeeper's Bride is available from Amazon along with The Teacher's Bride and The Farmer's Bride.  Thank you for joining me today.  I will sharing my review Death Bee Comes Her by Nancy Coco tomorrow. It is the debut of An Oregon Honeycomb Mystery series and an exclusive at Barnes & Noble at this time. I hope you have a lovely day.  Take care of yourself and Happy Reading!

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