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Buried to the Brim by Jenn McKinlay

Buried to the Brim (A Hat Shop Mystery Book 6) by [McKinlay, Jenn]
Good Day!  The Tea Chest by Heidi Chiavaroli comes out February 4 along with Veiled in Smoke by Jocelyn Green and The Fifth Avenue Story Society by Rachel HauckCoconut Layer Cake Murder by Joanne Fluke becomes available on February 25.  So many books and not enough time to get them all read.  
Sherlock Holmes Dog or Pet Hat #SHH
Buried to the Brim by Jenn McKinlay has Scarlett Parker enthralled with her fianc√©, Harrison Wentworth and looking forward to their wedding in the summer.  Harry enters Mim’s Whims with his Aunt Betty and her Pembroke Welsh corgi, Freddy.  They are entering the PAWS (Pets and Wellness Society) annual charity dog show and Aunt Betty is determined to win this year.  The adorable Freddy has lost the last three years to Richard Freestone and his English bulldog, Muffin.  Aunt Betty wants an edge and requests that Vivian Tremont, Scarlett’s cousin and co-owner of Mim’s Whims, create a special hat for Freddy.  Vivian reluctantly agrees and creates matching chapeaus for Aunt Betty.  At the PAWS cocktail party, the night before the competition begins, Aunt Betty gets into an altercation with the shows main sponsor, Gerry Swendson over the quality of his pet food.  The next day finds Aunt Betty barred from the competition and Scarlett trotting Freddy around the agility course in her stead.  Freddy does an amazing job and then dives under a table to return with a show in his mouth.  Scarlett peers under the cloth to find Gerry Swendson dead.  Aunt Betty becomes the prime suspect which has Scarlett scurrying to find clues.  Can Scarlett lead Detective Inspector Bronson to the killer?
Witty Knitters - Hamburg #hat shop window:
Buried to the Brim by Jenn McKinlay is the sixth novel in A Hat Shop Mystery.  I love A Hat Shop Mystery series with its quirky characters and English setting.  Scarlett Parker and her cousin Vivian Tremont own Min’s Whims in Notting Hill on Portobello Road.  Vivian creates the hats with the aid of her assistant, Fee Felton while Scarlett deals with customers and publicity.  Scarlett is recently engaged to Harrison “Harry” Wentworth and she is viewing the world through love colored glasses.  Harry’s Aunt Betty along with her corgi, Freddy are entering the annual PAWS charity dog show and she wants to win this year.  Aunt Betty asks Vivian to create a hat for Freddy.  Aunt Betty is upset with the shows sponsor, Gerry Swenson over the quality of his dog food because it made Freddy sick last year.  After a run in with Gerry at the kickoff cocktail party for PAWS, Aunt Betty finds her paperwork “misplaced” for the competition.  Vivian enters Scarlett as Freddy’s handler much to Scarlett’s dismay.  Things go from bad to worse when Gerry is found dead next to the agility course by Freddy.  One person is quick to point the blame at Aunt Betty.  Scarlett begins listening in on conversations and searching for suspects so she can clear Aunt Betty of any wrongdoing.  I found Buried to the Brim to be a delightful book to read.  It can be read on its own if you have not read the other five books in A Hat Shop Mystery series.  It contains good writing and the story moves along as fast as Freddy on the agility course.  Scarlett is a fun character.  I like that she is an American in England.   There are fabulous British expressions.  I enjoyed the puns even Scarlett’s who seem to miss the mark.  There is plenty of tea along with various food items to keep the group up to snuff (must keep up their strength).  It was interesting to learn more about the game of rugby.  The explanations were easy to understand.  The mystery had several suspects with good clues.  It depends on your sleuthing level on whether you solve it completely or are surprised when Scarlett has a Miss Fletcher moment.  I loved the hat descriptions including the adorable ones made for Freddy.  Bella, a rescued corgi, was an loveable addition.  I look forward to the next A Hat Shop Mystery featuring Scarlett, Vivian, Fee, Harry and their friends.  I am hoping for a wedding with a gorgeous headpiece for Scarlett.  Buried to the Brim is an irresistible cozy mystery with pitiful puns, cute corgis, a succumbed sponsor, charming chapeaus, and a gobsmacked gumshoe.
I want to live in the era where we wear hats everywhere :)
Buried to the Brim can be purchased here*.  You can find the other five novels in A Hat Shop Mystery series (from Cloche and Dagger to Assault and Beret) here.  Thank you for dropping in.  I appreciate you taking the time to read my book reviews.  Tomorrow I am participating in the Celebrate Lit Tour for Hannah's Courage by Molly Jebber.  The third book in The Amish Charm Bakery series.  I hope that you have a day filled with happiness.  Joy is good for the soul.  Take care and Happy Reading!

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