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The Protective One by Shelley Shepard Gray

The Protective One (Walnut Creek #3)
Welcome!  Shelley Shepard Gray is a wife, mother and fulltime writer living in Colorado Springs, Colorado. She also serves on several committees at her church. Her two dogs keep her company while she is writing.  Shelley likes to bake and loves coconut cream pie.  She hardly pulls weeds, mows the yard or drives in the snow.  You can find out more about Shelley and her books by visiting her website and you will also find her on Facebook.  For updates on her latest releases, follow Shelley on Amazon.
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The Protective One by Shelley Shepard Gray takes readers on a journey to Walnut Creek, Ohio. Elizabeth Anne (E.A. to her friends) Schmidt is one of the Mennonite members of the Eight who works at the local sewing store, Sew and Tell.  E.A. has been feeling discontented and out-of-sorts recently.  She is dissatisfied with job and David, the man who is courting her.  E.A. has come to the decision that David is not the right man for her especially after his uncalled for remarks regarding her deceased friend, Andy and breaks off their relationship.  Unfortunately, David is not the type to go away quietly.  Will Kurtz is an Amish member of the Eight who is also dissatisfied with his life.  He has noticed the other members of their group pairing off and getting married plus his friend, John recently got a promotion at work while Will is still in the same position.  Will and E.A. encounter each other one day and realize they are both feeling the same way.  They soon find themselves getting together frequently and, as time passes, realize their feelings for each other are changing.  They will need to stand together as they are going to have a bumpy road ahead thanks to one displeased ex-suitor.  The one aspect of E.A.’s job that she enjoys is teaching people to sew.  One of her sewing student’s, Marta always seems nervous.  When E.A. sees Marta with her husband at a local restaurant, she soon discovers why.  E.A. is going to need assistance from her friends and God if she is to help Marta.  What does the future hold for E.A. and Will?  Will Marta get the protection she needs?  You will have to pick up The Protective One to learn the answers.
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The Protective One by Shelley Shepard Gray is the third book in The Walnut Creek Series.  Each one can be read on its own, but you will be missing out on some heartwarming stories.  Elizabeth Anne or E.A. as she prefers to be called, is such a kind, patient woman.  She is one of the Eight and one of the few remaining single members.  E.A. was Marie’s maid of honor at her recent wedding to John.  E.A. is feeling at loose ends.  She is not happy with her job at Sew & Tell and her beau, David is a little odd.  After some horrible remarks from David on the death of her friend, Andy, E.A. breaks off their relationship.  After speaking with Will Kurtz, E.A. learns that he is also feeling restless.  They start spending time together and they soon realize that their friendship is turning into something more.  Will Kurtz is an Amishman who works at the local R.V. factory.  He feels that his life is standing still while others are getting married and moving ahead in their jobs.  I like how the relationship developed between E.A. and Will.  They are cute together.  There is humor in the story especially during a scene involving David (he is an odd duck).  The Protective One also delves into the dark topics of spousal abuse and stalking.  I thought Shelley Shepard Gray did a wonderful job at addressing such difficult subjects. Her portrayal of Marta was realistic.  Marta Miner has been married for ten years to an abuser.  She has decided it is time to break free, but Marta must wait for the right moment.  Marta came up with a plan and then set about executing it.  I admired Marta for her bravery.  The ending was just wonderful.  I appreciated that we get updates on the other members of the Eight.  We get to see how the other couples are faring in their relationships.  Faith is intertwined throughout the book.  As we see, prayer can be a powerful tool.  The Protective One is a special story that will linger with you long after you finish it.  I cannot wait to read The Trustworthy OneThe Protective One is a touching novel with friendship, love, and faith.
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The Protective One releases on January 21 and is available for pre-order from Amazon*. The first two novels in The Walnut Creek Series are The Patient One and The Loyal One.  This series also includes the prequel titled Friends to the End (ebook only) and A Precious Gift (an ebook novella).   The next tales in The Walnut Creek Series is The Trustworthy One which comes out May 5 and Promises of Tomorrow (a novella) releases on July 6.  I hope you enjoy The Protective One as much as I did.  Thank you for stopping by today and reading my review.  I will be sharing An Unlikely Amish Match by Vannetta Chapman tomorrow.  It is part of the Indiana Amish Brides series by Love Inspired.  May you have an inspiring day.  Take care and Happy Reading!

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