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Amish Generations by Kathleen Fuller

Amish Generations: Four Stories by [Kathleen Fuller]
Good Day!  I hope you had a pleasant first week of June.  Amanda Flower is starting a new cozy mystery series through Hallmark Publishing.  Dead End Detective comes out August 25 and it is the beginning of A Piper & Porter Mystery seriesDoggone Dead by Dane McCaslin also comes out August 25.  It is the debut of The 2 Sisters Pet Valet Mystery series.  Is there a new book you are looking forward to reading?
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Amish Generations by Kathleen Fuller contains four sweet Amish romances that span four different generations.  Young Love features Fern Gingerich who suffers from rheumatoid arthritis despite only being in her twenties.  She would love to marry and have a family, but Fern feels that a man would not want her because of her illness.  When the pain is bad, Fern is confined to bed.  When Dan begins paying her attention, Fern wonders if love can conquer all.  Long-Awaited Love has thirty-four-year-old Jemima Kurtz returning home to Middlefield, Ohio after being gone a year helping her younger sister and her family.  She encounters Everett while waiting for her ride.  It has been ten years since she has last seen him.  Jemima has a mix of feelings of inside her.  Can the past be overcome so they can have a future?  In Second-Chance Love, Lora Beth and Benjamin have both lost their spouses.  They meet at a wedding and begin corresponding with each other.  Their children want them to move in with them and treat them like they are in their dotage.  Ben and Lora Beth are only in their 40s, for Pete’s sake.  Can friendship end up being their second chance at love?  Never Too Late has Regina’s friend, Elva visiting town and entering a baking contest with her blueberry pie.  Jerald, a friend of Regina’s husband, is one of the judges.  Jerald is a lifelong bachelor who loves good food.  When he tastes Elva’s pie, it is love at first bite.  Can two people find love in their twilight years?  
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I enjoyed reading each of the four stories in Amish Generations.  I thought the novellas were well-written with interesting characters and situations.  Each main character has their good points and their foibles just like real people.  I especially liked that the road to happily ever after was not smooth.  It made the tales more realistic.  Faith is important to each character. Christian values are included in each story without it becoming preachy.  Forgiveness is one of the themes.  You are forgiving someone else, but it is really for yourself.  It is amazing how the act of forgiving someone will fill you with peace.  I like that Young Love featured a woman in her twenties with a debilitating disease.  We get to see how someone can look normal on the outside but riddled with pain on the inside.  My favorite lines from Amish Generations is, “You can do anything you want to do if it’s God’s will.”  Amish Generations contains four heartwarming stories that shows that it is never too late for love to find you.
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Amish Generations can be purchased from Amazon*.  You can find more novels by Kathleen Fuller hereAmish Christmas Miracles releases November 10 and it will contain a novella from Kathleen Fuller.  A Double Dose of Love by Kathleen Fuller is the first An Amish Mail-Order Bride Novel.  This new Amish novel will be out on January 5, 2021.  Thank you for joining me today and taking the time to read my review.  Tomorrow I am featuring Rainy Days for the Harper Girls by Rosie Clarke.  It is the 3rd story in Welcome to Harpers Emporium series.  Each book in this series is available through Kindle Unlimited.  I do hope that you have a jolly day.  Take care, stay safe, and Happy Reading!


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