Thursday, January 7, 2021

A Double Dose of Love by Kathleen Fuller

Book Summary

A Double Dose of Love by Kathleen Fuller has Darla King excited when she sees an ad for mail order brides for the bachelors of Birch Creek, Ohio.  Darla King has not been allowed to date by her parents even though she is twenty-one.  Darla is determined to go to Birch Creek and her twin sister, Amanda is sent along to protect her.  Darla is known for being impulsive, too trusting, and oversharing information.  Zeb and Zeke Bontrager are starting a horse farm in Birch Creek.  Zeke was determined to buy the property and he needed his twin brother to help achieve the goal.   Then Zeke impulsively purchases a colt that many deem untrainable and it is up to Zeb to work with the horse.  Zeb is the responsible twin who has spent his life fixing Zeke’s mistakes.  He is unaware that Zeke is having financial problems that could affect them both.  Darla arrives in town and encounters Zeke at the local diner.  She knows that he is the man she is meant to marry.  Darla begins to blossom in Birch Creek and becomes more independent.  Amanda is afraid that Darla will get hurt and visits Zeb to get his assistance.  Delilah Stoll and Cevilla Thompson are thrilled with the town’s latest additions.  They hope love will blossom between the two sets of twins and are happy to provide a nudge or two.  What does the future hold for the Bontrager and King twins?

My Thoughts

A Double Dose of Love by Kathleen Fuller is the first An Amish Mail Order Bride Novel.  I like how this new series ties into An Amish Brides of Birch Creek series.  I thought A Double Dose of Love was well-written with realistic characters.  The book moves along at a steady pace and I enjoyed the humor.  Darla King happens to see an ad for mail order brides for Birch Creek while unwrapping a punch bowl set that was sent to her mother.  She believes God is directing her to go to Birch Creek where she will find a husband.  Nothing is going to stop Darla from achieving her goal.  The biddable Darla disappears before her twin sister’s eyes.  I liked seeing Darla blossom in Birch Creek.  She was finally getting an opportunity to stretch her wings and fly on her own (without her parent’s interfering).  I am glad that the author took us back to Birch Creek where Delilah Stoll and Cevilla Thompson reside.  Those are two humorous women.  I like a book that makes me laugh and A Double Dose of Love certainly does that.  There is a delightful meet cute moment for Zeb and Amanda.  This is a sweet and amusing romantic Amish tale.  A Double Dose of Love is a droll Amish story with horse hijinks, meddlesome matchmakers, parent problems, water worries, and twin troubles.  

A Double Dose of Love can be obtained from Amazon* along with other major booksellers.  The next An Amish Mail Order Bride Novel is Matched and Married which comes out September 7 (that seems so far away).  You can find Kathleen Fuller's other novels here.  Thank you for stopping by today and reading my review.  Tomorrow I am featuring Rhubarb Pie Before You Die by Gin Jones.  It is the 2nd A Garlic Farm Mystery.  May you have a satisfying day.  Take care and Happy Reading!


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