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The Transylvania Twist by Angie Fox

Book Summary

The Transylvania Twist by Angie Fox has Dr. Petra Robichaud treating a pregnant Medusa at MASH 3063rd.  There has been peace between the warring armies for the last three weeks.  They have transformed the MASH unit into supernatural clinic which is how Petra came to treat the Gorgon.  But then a new prophecy is delivered, and it has both sides gearing up.  Petra receives a note asking her to meet someone at the burned-out showers.  Petra expects it to be Galen, but instead it is Marc, the boyfriend she thought had been dead the last ten years.  He needs Petra to speak with a murdered colleague in his research lab at the Old Gold Army camp.  It seems that the enemy is developing a deadly weapon.  To get more information, Petra needs to speak with the recently departed.  Petra will need help from her werewolf roommate if she is going to go AWOL.  Petra hopes she makes is back alive because Marc has some questions to answer.

My Thoughts

The Transylvania Twist by Angie Fox is a humorous paranormal romance.  Dr. Petra Robichaud is an intelligent, strong protagonist.  She must be if she is going to treat a pregnant Medusa and not be turned to stone.  I like the quirky characters in this engaging series.  While The Transylvania Twist is the 2nd book in The Monster MASH trilogy, it can be read on its own.  Everything a reader needs to know is included.  Angie Fox has an engaging writing style.  She draws you into the story and holds onto you until the very end.  Petra has some unique roommates with a vampire and a Star Trek figurine loving werewolf. The storyline is creative.  A war between new golds and old gods playing out in limbo with an assortment of creatures and humans.  The word imagery allows me to visualize the scenes including Petra’s cobbled together lab.  I laughed often while reading this amusing tale.  I especially enjoyed the banter between Petra and her werewolf roommate.  The Transylvania Twist blends suspense, romance, mystery, and humor into one engaging read.  You have to wonder if Petra will survive a murdered ghost, a roommate’s prolific rumors, a flirtatious goddess, a pregnant gorgon, a hellish hole, and an overflow of figurines in her bunk.  The last third of the book had me quickly turning the pages to find out what happened. The Transylvania Twist is a fun, quirky story with a prickly pregnancy, an excess of Stark Trek collectibles, a statistic loving sphinx, predictive prophecies, a back-from-the-dead beau, a damaging ghost, a daring shapeshifting dragon, and a rare rock.  

The Transylvania Twist is available from Amazon*.  The first novel in The Monster MASH Trilogy is The Monster MASHWerewolves of London is the final book in the trilogy and it will release on February 23.  You can find Angie Fox's other novels hereThe Haunted Homecoming is the 10th The Southern Ghost Hunter Mystery.  It will be out on August 17.  Thank you for stopping by today and reading my review.  Tomorrow I am a stop on the Harlequin Tour for Someone to Trust by Patricia DavidsIt is the 4th book in North Country Amish series.  I hope that you have a cheery day.  Take care, be kind, and Happy Reading!


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