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A Flicker of Light by Katie Powner

 A Flicker of Light

Book Summary

The Officer Girl in Blue by Fenella J. Miller is the 3rd book in The Girls in Blue.  While The Officer Girl in Blue could be read as a standalone, I believe it is best read as part of the series.  This will allow you to get to know all the characters and their backstories.  I thought The Officer Girl in Blue contained good writing and developed characters.  I like Charlotte who is spunky, smart, and resourceful.  Dan is intelligent, dedicated, and handsome.  The chemistry between the pair is obvious from the moment their eyes meet.  I thought the author captured the time period and I enjoyed the use of the slang from that era.  I did not, though, appreciate the foul language.  I am glad we got to catch up with Nancy and Jane from the first two books in the series.  I did feel that the side story involving Marion was unnecessary.  I did not like how it was handled. The Officer Girl in Blue has suspense, danger, friendship, and romance.  Those who like to read World War II romances, will enjoy The Officer Girl in Blue.  The Officer Girl in Blue is a dramatic historical tale with corrupt cops, firm friends, blasting bombs, a disorganized desk, a plane predicament, messy mud, and a cheerful Christmas. 

My Thoughts

A Flicker of Light by Katie Powner takes us to Montana where Bea and her husband, Jeremy move in with her father, Mitch after having a run of bad luck.  Jeremy lost his job, their apartment is not fit for rats, and Bea learns she is pregnant.  With Jeremy unable to find work, moving to Montana seems like the logical solution.  They both agree that it will be just for a few months.  Mitch lost his wife, Caroline two years prior to cancer and he still misses her terribly.  He is glad to have his daughter return home even if she is brining her husband with her.  Bea’s grandmother, June and grandfather, Rand live nearby.  Unfortunately, Grandma June is having trouble with her memory.  They wrangle her to the doctor to learn Grandma June has early onset Alzheimer’s.  Her condition rapidly deteriorates which has Bea reconsidering her options.  When Grandma June gets lost during a storm, Bea learns she was searching for someone.  Using the clues provided, Bea with Jeremy’s help uncovers a big secret.  Can they get the story from Grandma June before it is gone forever?  

A Flicker of Light contains good writing and realistic characters.  I did find the pacing to be slow as we follow the characters as they go about their day to day lives of the characters (Mitch, June, Rand, Bea, Jeremy, and the cat, Steve).  I enjoyed the beautiful descriptions of the Montana mountains and Moose Creek.  It sounds like a beautiful area.  Each member of the family is having a problem.  Mitch lost his wife to cancer two years prior and misses her every single day.  June, Bea’s grandmother, is having memory issues.  Bea and Jeremy are having a rough time.  Jeremy lost his job, their apartment is in terrible condition, and Bea is pregnant.  They need a place to live until Jeremy can decide about the business he wishes to begin.  I thought the situations were realistic.  Life is full of ups and downs.  You just need to have hope and faith.  Mitch is lucky to have a generous church family, though, he has yet to realize it.  I was never able to get into A Flicker of Light.  The story moves along slowly as we follow the characters as they go about their daily lives. There is no action, and I found it to be a depressing story.  The ending is nice, but it seemed to take forever to get there.  I suggest you obtain a sample to see if A Flicker of Light is the right fit for you.  A Flicker of Light is a Christian tale about healing, regret, letting go, faith, forgiveness, hope, community, and family. 

A Flicker of Light is available from Amazon*.  You can find Katie Powner's other novel here.  Thank you so much for stopping by today and reading my review.  I am heading off to the store to pick up the items we need for Thanksgiving.  It is hard to believe that it is  next week.  I am looking forward to the Gilmore the Merrier-a-thon on UPTV.  I look forward to it each year (there are prizes to win).  I am also busy planning my outside holiday decorations.  So far, I have over 15 inflatables for outside along with signs, lights, and a cute lamppost.  I have to work out where they are all going to go (and I need more extension cords).  I will return tomorrow with Well-Offed in Vermont by Amy Patricia Meade.  It is the  debut of A Vermont Country Living Mystery.  I hope that you have a relaxing weekend.  Take care, be kind, and Happy Reading!


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