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Flying Angels by Danielle Steel

 Flying Angels

Book Summary

World War II brings together six remarkable young flight nurses, who face the challenges of war and its many heartbreaks and victories as unsung heroes, in this inspiring novel from #1 New York Times bestselling author Danielle Steel.

Audrey Parker's life changes forever when Pearl Harbor is attacked on December 7, 1941. Her brother, a talented young Navy pilot, had been stationed there, poised to fulfill their late father's distinguished legacy. Fresh out of nursing school with a passion and a born gift for helping others, both Audrey and her friend Lizzie suddenly find their nation on the brink of war. Driven to do whatever they can to serve, they enlist in the Army and embark on a new adventure as flight nurses.

Risking their lives on perilous missions, they join the elite Medical Air Evacuation Transport Squadron and fly into enemy territory almost daily to rescue wounded soldiers from the battlefield. Audrey and Lizzie make enormous sacrifices to save lives alongside an extraordinary group of nurses: Alex, who longs to make a difference in the world; Louise, a bright mind who faced racial prejudice growing up inthe South; Pru, a selfless leader with a heart of gold; and Emma, whose confidence and grit push her to put everything on the line for her patients.

Even knowing they will not achieve any rank and will receive little pay for their efforts, the "Flying Angels" will give their all in the fight for freedom. They serve as bravely and tirelessly as the men they rescue on the front lines, in daring airlifts, and are eternally bound by their loyalty to one another. Danielle Steel presents a sweeping, stunning tribute to these incredibly courageous women, inspiring symbols of bravery and valor.
My Thoughts

Flying Angels by Danielle Steel takes us back to the late 1930s and early 1940s as brave women (nurses) enlist.  We follow a handful of young women who are nurses.   After receiving their training, the women transfer to become flight nurses.  These women travel by plane to get the wounded and take them back to England for care.  These women never knew if they would make it back with the Germans shooting down planes and the frequent bombings.  I liked the characters in this story.  Audrey was an especially sweet young woman who endured such loss.  I thought the story contained good writing and developed characters. The book moved along at a good pace as well once we got past the nurse’s backstories.  Once the book moved into the area where the nurses began training to become flight nurses, the story just flew by. There was a little too much repetition of details.  I got it the first time and I do not need to be told multiple times.  I thought the author captured how it felt for the flight nurses and pilots.  I enjoyed reading about the nurse’s missions.  The tragic injuries and the number of deaths.  Flying Angels is not a happy-go-lucky story.  There is quite a bit of loss in this story.  It was great to see the nurse’s bond.  They did not care about the person’s background or color.  We got to see how a black nurse was treated in America and how she was treated in England.  It is sad how far behind America was then and now.  I am glad that the author wrote this story about the brave women who enlisted to aid our injured soldiers.  They risked their lives the same as any male soldier.  The death toll was tragic along with the injuries soldiers suffered.  I enjoyed this poignant historical novel.  FlyingAngels is a touching tale with tragedy, heartbreak, dedication, courage, optimism, and valor.  

Flying Angels publishes Tuesday, November 23 and it is available from Amazon*.  Danielle Steel has Invisible releasing January 4 and High Stakes on March 8.  You can find Danielle Steel's other novels here.  I started reading Danielle Steel's novel when I was twelve when I found them on my mother's bookshelves.  Back then there was no teen room at the library.  I had read all the chapter book in the children's department and needed new reading material.  After reading the first book, I went back to read the rest of her books and have continued to read each new release.  While I did sneak the first few books of my mother's shelves, I then started getting them from the library right in front of her (I also read Auntie Mame that year).  I asked my mother about it recently and she said that she was just happy that I was reading.  Thank you for stopping by today.  Tomorrow I am featuring The Becoming by Nora Roberts.  It is the 2nd novel in The Dragon Heart Legacy.  I could not wait to read this book.  It has been a long year since The Awakening came out.  I hope that you are having a satisfying day.  Take care, be kind, and Happy Reading!


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