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Home to Stay by Loree Lough

 Home to Stay

Book Summary

In the New Order Amish community of Pleasant Valley, a helping hand is never far away, and a baby’s smile can be reason enough to start over—and risk love again . . .
Since losing his family in a tragic accident, building contractor Max Lambright can't seem to find purpose in anything but hard work . . . until he meets feisty newcomer, Willa Richards. As she struggles to make a new life for herself and her baby girl, she challenges him in just about every possible way. Dare he hope that, alongside this spirited woman, he might rekindle his lost faith, and find the path to love and the family he craves?
Poor choices and a difficult past have inspired Willa to make better decisions for her precious Frannie, even if it means leaving the familiar behind and starting over . . . among strangers. As she adapts to the Amish ways, she learns about Max’s generous and steadfast nature. The loneliness he tries so hard to mask can’t be hidden . . . not from a woman with something to prove: Together, they can build their friendship into something that will forever stand as the cornerstone of a happy family . . .

My Thoughts

 Max Lambright is a man who has had great loss in his life.  He is the last member of his family.  He is fortunate to have good friends in his New Order Amish community.  Max’s main focus is work.  It keeps him from thinking about the loss and his lonely home.   Then he meets Willa Richard and her charming daughter, Frannie.  Willa is an Englisher who has come to live with Max’s business partner, Dan and his wife, Anki.  Willa has made poor choices in the past, but she is determined to do better for her daughter.  Willa is like a breath of fresh air to those she meets.  Max finds himself thinking about Willa while at work and wanting to help her and spend time with her.  Max begins to hope that with time, his house will become a home.  

Home to Stay by Loree Lough is the 2nd book in A Little Child Shall Lead Them series.  I thought Home to Stay was well-written with developed characters.  The story moves along at a gentle pace which suits the story.  I did feel the book was a little long (400 pages).  Home to Stay has two other storylines that are a little dark for an Amish novel.  Willa escaped a life of drugs.  She took off the from the man that got her into that life and Willa hopes (and prays) that he will not find them.  Willa is living with Dan and Anki.  Anki suffers from severe depression that has rendered her unable to take care of household chores.  Willa tries to help Anki and convince Dan that his wife needs professional help.  Home to Stay deals with drugs, mental health issues, and suicide.  I loved little Frannie who provided a sweet, lightness to the story.  Home to Stay is an emotional novel. There is joy, grief, love, sadness, and much more.  Willa was such a compassionate character.  She was wonderful with Anki.  I did not know where she got her energy.  Willa accomplished more in an hour than I do in a day.  I enjoyed the faith elements in the story.  Home to Stay can be read as a standalone for those new to the series.  Home to Stay is a story about new beginnings, great loss, forgiveness, depression, and faith.  Home to Stay is a poignant story that will tug on your heartstrings.  

Home to Stay is available from Amazon*.  The other two books in A Little Child Shall Lead Them are All He'll Ever Need (on Kindle Unlimited) and Loving Mrs. Bontrager.  You can find Loree Lough's other novels here.  Thank you for stopping by today.  Next time I am sharing my thoughts on Southern Magical Bakery by Tonya Kappes.  I hope that you have contented day.  Take care, be kind, and Happy Reading!


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