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Southern Magical Bakery by Tonya Kappes

 Southern Magical Bakery
Book Summary

Yes. I'm the daughter of the infamous couple, June Heal and Oscar Park.

One teeny weeny problem, I'm a mortal. Yep. I guess I got my granny Darla's DNA.

Good news! I might not have spiritual powers but I have a mean set of baking skills. I'm delighted to be moving out of Whispering Falls, where y'all know I can't live since I'm mortal, and to Celestial Falls, another small southern town where I'm opening Heavenly Desserts. Of course The Marys wouldn't let me leave unless I took my new kitten with me.

I'm beyond excited but fluff left my dough when Orin Reguila showed up. But that's not all that put too much flour in my cookies, there just so happened to be a murder...when someone ate my cookie.

I've got no one to turn to! It looks like I'm going to have to enlist Orin's help with his wizard skills.

I just hope I can clear my name and save my business before The Marys make me pack up and go back to Whispering Falls.

My Thoughts

Lo Heal-Park is excited when she gets permission to move to Celestial Falls where she can live like a mortal and open the bakery of her dreams—Heavenly Desserts.  Of course, The Marys insisted that she take a little gray kitten along with her which Lo promptly names Skylar Blue.  Lo arrives to meet the landlady of the baker, Mrs. Pickering and learns the woman promised the building to another lady to open a dress shop.  It is suggested that they let the town vote at the Moonlight Festival that evening which business they would prefer.  Lo is thrilled when she wins.  When the rival shop owner stops by the next morning, Lo offers her a cookie.  Soon the woman is found dead and Lo is the sheriff’s prime suspect.  Lo has one week to prove her innocence or she returns to Whispering Falls.  It is a good thing that some help has arrived.  If Lo had her choice, she would zap him back home.  Can they solve the crime in time?

Southern Magical Bakery by Tonya Kappes is the beginning of a new paranormal cozy mystery series that is a spin-off from A Magical Cures Mystery series.  June Heal and Oscar Park’s daughter is all grown up.  Lo has no spiritual gift and desires to live in a mortal town.  Lo gets her wish, but things do not turn out quite as planned.  I felt bad for Lo.  I do not know how she put up with her overbearing mother (there was no sneaking out for Lo).  There are some entertaining characters, but it can be a challenge to keep track of them all.  The nosy next-door neighbor, the upbeat reporter, Orin who Lo prefers to avoid like the plague, Skylar Blue who is Lo’s new kitten as well as familiar characters from A Magical Cures Mystery series.  I liked the town of Celestial Falls.  It is a quirky town where there is more to it than meets the eye.  The mystery was not at the forefront of the story.  The whodunit was light.  The motive was understandable, but I thought it was weak.  There is humor scattered throughout the story that will make readers laugh.  Southern Magical Bakery is a cute story that fans of A Magical Cures Mystery series will enjoy.  Southern Magical Bakery is an enchanted tale with tasty treats, a lease delay, a mortal dilemma, a cookie conundrum, a cute kitty, the meddling Marys, a slow sheriff, and an unexpected experience that leads to a disconcerting conclusion. 

Southern Magical Bakery is available from Amazon*.  If you belong to Kindle Unlimited, you can read it for free.  You can find Tonya Kappes' other novels here.  Tonya has Santa, Sunrises, and Suspicions out today as well.    It is the 23rd A Camper & Criminals Cozy MysteryVistas, Vices, and Valentines comes out January 27.  Thank you for stopping by today.  I am off to do some straightening up.  I am amazed at how quickly things get out of order.  I hope that you have a productive day.  Take care, be kind, and Happy Reading! 


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