Monday, August 13, 2018

A Thief Revealed by Heather Sunseri: First Novel in International Thief series

Salutations!  Bloodlust by Midnight by Deanna Chase is out today.  It is the second installment in Last Witch Standing series.  Vampire hunter and witch Phoebe is trying to find her missing brother, but a new drug is causing trouble in New Orleans.  Phoebe needs to track down the maker and save Dax.  Tomorrow Through the Autumn Air by Kelly Irvin releases.  It is the third An Every Season Amish Novel.

A Thief Revealed by Heather Sunseri is the first book in International Thief series.  Lola Parks made a mistake eleven years ago and she has been paying for it ever since.  She was trained to be a thief who can mingle with society and acquire high ticket items.  Lola’s latest assignment is to acquire the Gaft Diamond from Lady Sarah Somerset at her birthday bash.  After successfully obtaining the item, Lola is mingling with the guests before she departs.  Then Lady Sarah rejoins the bash with blood dripping down her dress.  It seems there is another thief after the valuable diamond, and they cut off Lady Sarah’s finger to obtain it.  When they discover it is a fake, this thief will go to great lengths to obtain its quarry.  Dimitri Tobias was hired by Lord Somerset, Sarah’s father, to keep the family and their valuables safe (if they would just let him do his job).   When Lady Sarah ends up dead, Dimitri sets out to capture her killer and recover the diamond.  But when Dimitri meets the lovely Lola, he knows she is not a killer (thief—yes).  The ruthless bandit, though, will do whatever it takes to capture Lola and get their hands on the diamond.  Dimitri and Lola team up to stop the merciless killer.  But what happens when Lola steals Dimitri’s heart?

A Thief Revealed is a fast-paced romantic suspense.  For those of you who have read the In Darkness series, you will remember dashing and enigmatic Dimitri Tobias.  If you have not read In Darkness series, it will not be a problem.  I thought A Thief Revealed was well-written with thefts, murder and liaisons.  Two intriguing characters who are on opposite sides, but they manage to work together (and not just professionally).  The story is told in alternating point-of-views (just like the In Darkness series).  We get to experience the story from Lola, Dimitri and the cut throat killer.  You can feel the chemistry between Lola and Dimitri (smoldering heat).  I would have liked more character development regarding Lola and to know more about her early years.  At the end of A Thief Revealed, readers are left with some unanswered questions.  We will have to wait for A Thief Consumed (October 11) to get those answers.  My rating for A Thief Revealed is 4 out of 5 stars.

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