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A Faithful Gathering by Leslie Gould

A Faithful Gathering (The Sisters of Lancaster County Book #3) by [Gould, Leslie]
Good Day!  I am still working on my front yard where I am killing off the grass (I mentioned this project to you before).  Once the grass is gone, I will be installing plants that can survive the hot Florida sun (no more mowing or trimming needed).  Right now, though, my yard is a hot mess (brown grass, dirt, roots sticking out).  I saw a lady walking her dog go out into the street to avoid my yard.  It will look lovely when it if finished, but it takes time.  I really wish I had thought of this idea when it was cooler.  Do you have any big projects in the works?  
A Plain Leaving (The Sisters of Lancaster County Book #1) by [Gould, Leslie]

A Faithful Gathering by Leslie Gould is the third novel in The Sisters of Lancaster County series that begins in April of 2017.  Leisel Bachmann will be graduating from nursing school the next day.  She wishes her father who encouraged her to pursue her dream was still alive to witness her graduation.  Leisel grew up Amish, but she left the community to achieve her goal of becoming a nurse.  Once she passes her licensing exam, Leisel hopes to obtain a job in the local emergency room where her boyfriend, Nick Jordan works.  She is worried when her sister, Marie fails to show up for her ceremony.  Leisel learns that Marie is in the hospital, so she quickly packs up and heads to Lancaster County.  When Marie is diagnosed with cancer, Leisel moves into Aunt Suz’s Dawdi Haus so she can take care of her sibling.  Leisel becomes discouraged when her life takes a downturn.  She even begins to doubt her choice to become a nurse.  Aunt Suz shares the story of Liesel’s grandfather, Joe who served with Civilian Public Service during World War II.  Joe’s story and his choices strike a chord with Leisel.  Nick makes a decision that goes against Leisel’s beliefs and she is faced with an impossible decision.  Leisel needs to decide what she wants for her future and a found letter may help her get on the right path.
 A Simple Singing (The Sisters of Lancaster County Book #2) by [Gould, Leslie]
A Faithful Gathering is a compelling novel.  While A Faithful Gathering can be read alone, I suggest you read the books in The Sisters of Lancaster County series in order.  It will help you to understand the family dynamics.  I thought A Faithful Gathering was well-written with relatable, yet complex characters and set in beautiful Lancaster County.  We get Leisel’s story in A Faithful Gathering.  She is on the cusp of fulfilling her dreams when her sister, Marie is diagnosed with cancer.  When a series of events leave Leisel feeling discouraged and doubting her choices, her aunt shares the story of Leisel’s grandfather, Joe Bachmann.  Joe’s draft number comes up in 1944 and, as a conscientious objector, enlisted in CPS (Civilian Public Service).  It was interesting to learn about CPS plus AFS (American Field Service).  I was not aware of these two divisions previously.  The historical elements were beautifully incorporated into the story.  I liked how the past and present flowed together.  We see how fear comes in many different forms and it can hinder (even cripple) an individual.  Prayer, faith and listening to God’s guidance are Christian elements in the story.  We must pray to God for Him to lead us down the right path.  If you have faith, you know God will provide.  The Sisters of Lancaster County has a heartwarming ending.  One of my favorite sayings in the book relates back to a woman who has one thing after another go wrong in her life and she believes God is punishing her.  The phrase is “sometimes we’re tested, but that doesn’t mean we’ve done anything wrong”.   We must remember that God will not give us more than we can handle.  Leisel was being tested in A Faithful Gathering.  It was nice to see Leisel develop as an individual and in her faith. A Faithful Gathering is clean, Christian novel with realistic characters and situations that will touch your heart.
The Sisters of Lancaster County
The first two novels in The Sisters of Lancaster County are A Plain Leaving and A Simple Singing which feature the other two Bachmann sisters, Jessica and Marie.  Thank you for visiting today and reading my review.   I am featuring The Codebook Murders by Leslie Nagel tomorrow.  It is the fourth book in The Oakwood Mystery series.  I hope you have a lovely day.  Take care and Happy Reading!

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