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My Ex-Best Friends Wedding by Wendy Wax

My Ex-Best Friend's Wedding
Greetings!  The Amish Widow's Rescue by Rachel J. Good plus A Daughter's Truth by Laura Bradford release on May 28.  More Than Words Can Say by Karen Witemeyer will be out on June 4 along with The Farmer's Bride by Kathleen Fuller and A Reluctant Bride by Jody HedlundAmish Outsider by Marta Perry publishes on June 18.  It is the first book in the River Haven series.  Into the Frying Pan by Sarah Osborne is out now.  It is the second book in A Ditie Brown Mystery series. Click on the book titles for more information on each one.  
Amish Outsider (River Haven) by [Perry, Marta]
My Ex-Best Friend’s Wedding is the latest novel by Wendy Wax.  Kendra Jameson is the latest keeper of the heirloom wedding dress that is referred to as THE DRESS.  If any woman in her family wishes to walk down the aisle in the stunning creation, they may wear it.  Kendra has a photographic reminder of how she looked in the timeless ivory dress, but the memories are not as lovely as the picture.  Lauren and Brianna met in kindergarten in Nags Head and became the best of friends.  They were even born on the same day.  The girls were in and out of each other’s homes and Kendra even lived with the Jameson’s her last two years of high school.  Their fortieth birthday is fast approaching, and they do not even speak to each other.  A broken promise was the beginning of the end of their close friendship.  Lauren is now a famous author in New York while Brianna is married to a cheating spouse, has an angsty teenager, owns a bookshop, and has been working on a manuscript for the last fifteen years.  One afternoon Lauren calls Kendra to announce her engagement to playwright and songwriter, Spencer Harrison.  They will be visiting to introduce Spencer to Kendra and for Lauren to try on THE DRESS.  What should be a joyful occasion, turns dark when Kendra’s forty year old secret comes to light.  Lauren is devastated and her close relationship with her mother is in tatters.  Brianna and Lauren’s long held resentments bubble to surface making an already tense situation explode.  Is there a way for Brianna, Kendra and Lauren to overcome the past and regain the closeness that they have lost?
This is the dress that inspired My Ex-Best Friend's Wedding
My Ex-Best Friend’s Wedding is about forgiveness, friendship and family.  I thought the story was easy to read with realistic characters and situations.  I enjoyed Wendy Wax’s beautiful descriptions of the Outer Banks which brought this rugged coastline alive for me.  I like the idea of a wedding dress that is worn by generations of women.  It may be altered, but it never loses that special fairytale quality.  Wendy Wax has a conversational writing style which makes the book relaxing and easy to read.  The point-of-view alternates between Kendra, Lauren and Brianna.  This allows readers to see the various situations from each woman’s perspective.  The women were complex characters whose emotions leaped from the pages.  I wish Spencer had been as developed.  I felt he was neglected though he comes across as a warm, loving and interesting man.  We see how mistakes and miscommunication affect relationships.   I do want readers to know that the story contains foul language and intimate situations.  I liked the one of my favorite books was recommended for one of Brianna’s patrons (Discovery of Witches) plus the television show Say Yes to the Dress (they actually visit Kleinfeld's in the book).  It was interesting to learn more about a writer’s life.  Their work does not end when they finish the book (edits, publicity, marketing).  My Ex-Best Friend’s Wedding is a light relaxing story that is the perfect book to read at the beach, beside a pool or next to a lake. 

Thank you for reading my review.  I will be sharing my thoughts on Prologue to Murder by Lauren Elliott tomorrow.  It is the second book in Beyond the Page Bookstore Mystery series.  I hope you have a scintillating day.  Take care and Happy Reading!

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