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On A Summer Tide by Suzanne Woods Fisher

On a Summer Tide (Three Sisters Island #1)
Good Day!  Resistance Women by Jennifer Chiaverini comes out on May 14 along with My Ex-Best Friend's Wedding by Wendy Wax.  I always look forward to reading novels by both of these authors.
Resistance Women: A Novel by [Chiaverini, Jennifer]
On a Summer Tide by Suzanne Woods Fisher is the first book in Three Sisters Island series.  Paul Grayson has purchased part of Three Sisters Island in Maine which shocks his three daughters.  Paul does not like how the girls have drifted apart since their mother passed away unexpectedly.  Camden Grayson is the eldest daughter who is successful in the business world plus is raising her adopted son, Cooper Grayson.  Paul arrives on the island and understands why it was sold as is.  He needs to find a way to turn the island into a visitor destination, and he is hoping his daughters will assist him.  An unexpected turn of events allows Camden to spend time on the island.  She discovers a different, slower way of life and untapped potential.  Camden enrolls Cooper in the island school and meets schoolteacher, Seth Walker.  Seth has a unique way of teaching his students and his rugged charm appeals to Camden.  What does the future hold for the Grayson family?  You will have to read On a Summer Tide to find out.
 Suzanne Woods Fisher
On a Summer Tide is the first book in the charming new Three Sisters Island series. The book contains believable, frustrating and lovable characters.  Camden, Maddie and Blaine are Paul Grayson’s three daughters who act like typical siblings (lots of bickering).  The girls have not been as close since their mother passed away and Paul wants to find a way to fix it.  I thought On a Summer Tide was well-written as are all of Suzanne Wood Fisher’s novels.  This story, though, is refreshingly different.  It moves along at a good pace and has smooth transitions.  While the focus of the story is on Camden, we interact with Paul, Blaine, Maddie, and the townspeople as well.  The town contains a variety of quirky characters with my favorite being Peg Legg who owns the Lunch Counter and General Store on the island.  She provides plenty of levity and I enjoyed the interactions between her and Paul.  There are inserts that take readers back into Camden’s growing up years.  We see how the past influenced her life choices.  In addition, we get to see how her mother passed away and how Camden came to raise Cooper.  I found On a Summer Tide to be a compelling story.   The book touches on serious topics in a gentle way so that the story never feels heavy or depressing.  There is a touch of romance that is sweet.  I like the discussions of faith and the island’s church services.  There are two phrases from On a Summer Tide that I want to share with you.  The first is “one man’s insanity is another man’s genius” and “life is full of simple miracles if you just open your eyes to them”.  I look forward to the next book in the Three Sisters Island series.  You will find yourself drawn into On a Summer Tide and not want to put it down.  Do not miss out on this entertaining and thoughtful new novel by Suzanne Woods Fisher.
Stitches in Time (The Deacon's Family Book #2) by [Fisher, Suzanne Woods]
Stitches in Time by Suzanne Woods Fisher will be released on October 1 and it is the second novel in The Deacon's Family series.  Thank you for reading my review today.  Tomorrow I am sharing my review of Knit One, Die Two by Peggy Ehrhart.  May you have a happy day.  Take care of yourself and Happy Reading!

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