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A Sister's Sorrow by Kitty Neale

A Sister’s Sorrow
Happy Sunday!  Kitty Neale writes historical novels set in South London where she grew up.  Kitty comes from a working class family.  She was a latch-key kid with a vivid imagination.  Kitty began her first novel in 2000, which she found cathartic, after the loss of her son.  Her first novel was A Cuckoo in Candle Lane.  Ms. Neale lives in Spain with her husband.  You can out more about Kitty Neale and her books here.
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A Sister’s Sorrow by Kitty Neale takes us back to 1948 in Battersea, England.  Sarah Jepson is fourteen when her mother, Anne gives birth to Tommy.  Anne does not want the little boy (prefers her gin) and Sarah becomes Tommy’s caregiver.  Four years later, the pair are forced to flee from their home.  Sarah meets George, a stall seller, who burns that have disfigured his face, but he has a gentle soul.  George is kind to siblings and helps them out with clothing.  Sarah is only interested in him as a friend and turns George down when he asks her on a date.  Roger works in a stall next to George’s in the market and Sarah is taken by his charming manner plus his dashing good looks.  Tommy has suffered from a series of chest infections his whole life, and, one winter, he becomes severely ill.  When Tommy passes away, Sarah is grief stricken and turns to Roger for comfort.  George is aware of Roger’s reputation and knows heartbreak is in Sarah’s future.  What is on the horizon for Sarah? 
The day sweet rationing ended in Britain, 1953.
Day sweet rationing ended in England 1953
A Sister’s Sorrow is an emotional historical novel.  Sarah Jepson lives with her alcoholic mother in Battersea in 1948.  She is fourteen and is still attending school.  That changes when her mother gives birth to Tommy.  Sarah refuses to “get rid” of Tommy as her mother demands.  She drops out of school to care for her brother and scrabbles to provide for both of them.  Four years later, they are forced to survive on their own.  Sarah gets help from the kindhearted George and falls for the love-them-and-leave-them, Roger.  We follow on her journey with its various ups and downs.  The story progresses at a gentle pace.  I thought the author captured the era and what it was like to be poor in Battersea.  It was a hardscrabble life especially when you have little education.  I did feel the story was a little too long and there is some foul language.  A Sister’s Sorrow is a touching story that will play on your emotions.  Tommy’s fate will have you reaching for a tissue especially since he is such a sweet little boy.  I loved the ending of A Sister’s SorrowA Sister’s Sorrow is a gritty, historical saga that will linger with you long after you finish it.  
The gardens were in the northern part of Battersea Park, which had been transformed as part of the Festival of Britain. Among its features, were a tree walk and the popular Guinness clock (pictured) which displayed mechanical versions of the characters from the brewer's advertisements. There was also the 'Far Tottering and Oyster Creek Branch Railway' and a fun fair, with the 'Big Dipper' rollercoaster being one its most popular attractions. This was closed down after a serious accident in ...
You can find A Sister's Sorrow on Amazon along with Kitty Neale's other novels.  Kitty Neale's next novel is A Family's Heartbreak which releases on August 22.  Thank you for popping by today.  I will be reviewing A Bias for Murder by Sally Goldenbaum on Monday.  It is the third A Queen Bees Quilt Shop Mystery.   I hope you have a tranquil day.  Take care and Happy Reading!

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