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The Loyal One by Shelley Shepard Gray

The Loyal One (Walnut Creek #2)
Happy Book Release Day!  Some of the new books that were published today include:  Spirits, Spells and Wedding Bells by Deanna Chase, State of Lies by Siri Mitchell, In the Line of Fire by R.J. Noonan, All the Flowers in Paris by Sarah Jio, Apples and Alibis by Gayle Leeson, The Loyal One by Shelley Shepard Gray, Desolate Shores by Daryl Wood Gerber, and Pride, Prejudice and Poison by Elizabeth Blake.  Which book or books are you going to read?
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The Loyal One by Shelley Shepard Gray returns readers to Walnut Creek, Ohio. Katie Steury wants to convert her family home into a bed and breakfast, but she is reluctant to allow anyone inside the house.  She has managed to keep her families secret hidden from her friends all these years.  However, she cannot accomplish this task on her own.  Katie hires Harley Lambright, one of the Eight, to do the remodeling and clean-up.  Their relationship has been fraught with tension since he overheard her frank comments about his girlfriend at the time, Melody which ultimately led to their breakup.  But Katie knows that she can trust Harley with this secret.  Harley is shocked at the condition of Katie’s home and cannot believe she has lived in that chaotic environment for so long.  He promises to not tell their friends and hires his younger brother, Kyle to help clean out the house.  Working together each day gives Katie and Harley an opportunity to converse and work on their rocky relationship.  As they whip the house into shape, their relationship gets an upgrade as well.  But then someone from the past threatens their fledgling romance.  What does God have in store for Katie and Harley?
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The Loyal One is the second installment in The Walnut Creek Series.  It can be read alone if you have not read Friends to the End (prequel to series) and The Patient One.  However, I recommend reading this heartwarming Amish series in order.  Shelley Shepard Gray has a lovely writing style.  With her words, she captures my attention and holds it.  The book has an ease to it that allows for an enjoyable reading experience.  The story has such wonderful, realistic characters.  I like how this group of close knit friends are there for each other during the good times and the bad.  They provide encouragement and emotional support.  The Loyal One features Katie Steury and Harley Lambright as they mend their friendship and then explore taking their relationship to the next level.  We also get to get know Kyle Lambright, Harley’s brother, as he explores a relationship with Englisher, Gabby Ferrara.  Kyle was a hoot.  He provided levity and humor.  It was sweet watching him mature as the story progressed.  Since Kyle’s story was not completed, I hope it continues in the next book.  I want to know what happens with Kyle and Gabby.  I enjoy how Katie and Harley’s relationship progressed a leisurely pace as they got to know each other.  Relationships take time and require hard work.  They are built on trust, love, loyalty and respect as we see in The Loyal One.  Every relationship is different, but they are all worthwhile.  Loyalty is the recurring theme in The Loyal One along with prayer, trust, forgiveness and relying on God.  We also get to catch up with John B., Marie, Tricia, Logan, Elizabeth Anne (E.A.), Kendra, and Will.  The group has grown closer since Andy’s death.  We also see how hoarding affects everyone in a family.  It colors their past, their memories and family relationships.  The story that began in the prologue continues before each chapter and I found it to be amusing.  I thought The Loyal One was an inspiring story.  The Loyal One is an endearing novel with cluttered rooms, a missing sister, budding romances, transformations, nosy siblings, and loyal friends.
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The Loyal One is available at Amazon (and other major retailers like Barnes & Noble, Kobo, iBooks).  The next book in The Walnut Creek Series is The Protective One featuring Elizabeth Anne.  It will be available on January 21, 2020, but you can preorder it now!  The other novels in The Walnut Creek Series are the prequel titled Friends to the End and The Patient One.  Thank you for joining me today.  Tomorrow I am reviewing Desolate Shores by Daryl Wood Gerber.  It is An Aspen Adams Novel of Suspense.  I hope you have a day filled with happiness.  Take care and Happy Reading!

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